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Massachusetts Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Charlie Baker Pulls Ahead Of Democrat Martha Coakley In Recent Polling...

by: Les Carpenter
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Massachusetts  Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Charlie Baker

Charlie Baker is pulling ahead of Democratic gubernatorial candidate Martha Coakley by a razor thin margin in recent polling. In a state so blue it is almost navy this is a welcome development. Aside from having a moderating effect on the machinations of MA state government Charlie will be more pro business and that would be welcomed by employers across the state.

The Boston Globe - Republican Charlie Baker has edged ahead of Democrat Martha Coakley in the race for governor, taking the lead by the slimmest of margins for the first time in the Globe’s weekly poll.

The survey found the hypothetical general election race in a statistical dead heat, with 38 percent of respondents saying they would support Baker for governor, a slight edge over the 37 percent who said they favor Coakley. Though Baker’s lead remains well within the margin of error, it shows movement in a race between the two likeliest candidates for the November election.

Baker’s prior experience as one of successful former governor William F. Weld's top aides, as well as president and chief executive officer of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care certainly give Charlie the creds to fill outgoing governor Deval Patrick's shoes and then some.


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  1. But Martha Coakley hasn't won the Democratic nomination to run against Baker, and Baker hasn't won the Republican nomination yet either, so I'm not sure what this is about. The primary is on Sept. 9.

  2. Being coy is just so cute Shaw.

    Baker is so far ahead of his two challengers it's a given.

    Ditto for Cloakley.

    Of course you know it's generated from polling data, which is perhaps premature but if the movement holds it is looking good for Baker.

    The reality is unless either of these two drop out, which they won't, or one of them dies, which is unlikely, the general will feature these two running against one another.

    I realize that has you worried but relax. MA is so damn blue all Baker will do is provide some moderation and a slowing of state government if elected. He won't have the power to set it on a regressive course. And frankly that would not be his intentions.

    I'm thinking a cool Sam Adam's Rebel IPA right about now...

  3. Just some history, Les. Massachusetts certainly is blue, but here are the facts on governors, who are elected statewide: Since the 1840s Massachusetts has had 40 Republican/Whig governors to 20 Democratic governors. So our state may be true blue, but it has always embraced Republican governors who tend to be moderates, like the last one, Mitt Romney, who worked with the Democrats in the state legislature to pass universal health care insurance a/k/a Romneycare. Which he tried to run away from in the 2012 presidential elections.

  4. "Moderate" in the above comment applied to people who give in to certain hard left, harsh, ultimately extreme, authoritarian measure such as the government taking health care choices away from the people.

    Mitt Romney was correct to "run away" from such bad ideas.

  5. RN said: " MA is so damn blue all Baker will do is provide some moderation and a slowing of state government if elected."

    I see that you correctly assume that the advance of the State.... the tipping of the balance of power away from the people and toward the ruling structure... is a bad thing, and slowing its rapacious growth a little (as opposed to completely embracing and accelerating it) is a good thing. In this, in the idea of compromise, I will agree.

  6. I wish Massachusetts well: Out here, we have had pro-business governors and legislators for 30 years. It is hardly a paradise . We have the lowest wages (after Puerto Rico) of any state and our infrastructure is a joke. Wheat, logs and potatoes. Business has not come, because cheap labor & low taxes don't attract like an educated
    population, good schools and colleges, decent highways and a bit of culture. Having personally
    determined years back that TrickleDown is a urological diagnosis, I am afraid the continuing experiments like Walker-Wisconsin and Brownback-Kansas to "attract business" by stomping on the
    working folks (which seems to be failing in both formerly fine states) will simply turn their voting
    public into a third world country.

  7. BB Idaho, MA is by no means a paradise and it certainly has it's share of issues and political battles. Difference being most republican governors in MA are moderate, they are willing to compromise and in short the state has doe well compared to national standards. As Shaw has pointed out since the 1840's there have been twice as many republican governors as democratic in the state. Given this MA seems to have found and maintained a recipe for success.

    After 8 years of a progressive democratic governor it is time for a moderate republican pro business governor to provide a bit of a balancing and reassure businesses in the state.

    Anyway that's my take and I'm sticking by it.

    1. Balance is good: Idaho doesn't have it. But, MA ranks 6th in GDP per capita (three of the higher states sit on large reserves of oil, gas or coal. I suppose they have their problems, I'm not that familiar with the east, but attracting and retaining business doesn't appear to be a major problem, so running on that seems a bit tepid. As for Shaw and her long history of GOP governors, we need observe the glaring difference between the old GOP and the new know, Ike as the gold standard, etc.


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