Monday, August 6, 2012

The Tax Return Distraction...

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
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With all the hoopla over Romney and his decision not to release more than his 2010 and 2011 tax tax returns, and Bill Clinton's less than accurate statement(s)that no doubt added to the a generally inaccurate perception held by many PolitiFact provides the real skinny.

Clinton said most candidates release about 10 years of tax returns. That's more than the two years of returns Romney has released.

Clinton is exaggerating a bit when he puts the "typical" number at 10. Over the decades, we found candidates released anywhere from 30 years of tax returns to one year. A majority of the recent candidates we surveyed did not in fact release a full 10 years of tax returns.

On the other hand, a majority of recent candidates did release far more than two years of tax returns. So Romney lags behind most of the pack.

Clinton’s statement is partially accurate, but it leaves out important details. We rate his statement Half True. {Read Full Report}

Romney, aside from being under no law or obligation to release any specific number of returns is on the low end for presidential candidates. Ronald Reagan released only one return in 1980.

It is likely very prudent for Romney to match the seven returns released by then candidate Obama in 2008 during the primaries. A number matched by Hillary Clinton.


  1. .

    +$100 million private IRA, overseas international bank accounts, and no federal income tax access ... What do you think you'd have made of that had it been Mr Obama's name on the signing line???

    Ema Nymton

    1. Honestly Ema, absolutely nothing.

      I'm sure you're shocked by my response my dear fine feathered progressive shrew, but as I believe it is nobody's damn business what my tax returns reveal why the hell would I really care about somebody else?

      Yeah I know public servant and all, and I understand the concern over the need to be above board and ethical in ones tax preparation and all. That could be easily verifies by a simple statement from the IRS (you know the agency, the one progressives love dearly)that the candidate(s) had no irregularities in their returns or no evidence of unlwfull activity or filing.

      The real deal Ema is that some individuals simply despise the success of other and are hell bent on destroy candidates who have proven themselves to be capable individuals and able to create wealth for themselves and their families.

      It's all politics, it is all disingenuous, it all stinks, and we are worse for it. Being successful, knowing how to make decisions that generate positive returns in investments is not a crime, it is VERY American, and the distractions from really important issues by focusing on this distraction is simply unbelievable. But it is par for the course and both damned sides are guilty of it.

      And the beat goes on Ema. Enjoy the downward trip into the bottomless pit of 21st century American politics. I'm sure there exists a multitude of of politicians, lobbyists, and bureaucrats just waiting to grease the chute for US ALL.

    2. See you Dear Leaders college transcripts lately Emma? What's good for the goose is good for the gander

    3. Damn Les your response is perfect and it hadn't posted before I put my comment up. You are right that this whole stupid tax thing is a ploy and a way to punish Romney for his wealth and success. I'm no Romney fan and not voting for Jim anyway but the left's smear machine is truly a disgusting disgrace. The have. Itching else to go on though since their messiah is such a failure.

    4. This issues has become not only a distraction it has become the new rallying cry for the progressive left. It is groundless and it will result in zero for the people of this nation.

      Having said that I personally think Romney ought to release at least 7 years so this "tempest in a teapot" will go away and the nation can get down to important business.

    5. Hey, doesn't Valerie Jarrett have an account in Bermuda or something?

  2. It is a distraction because if this Election is about Obama, he loses, big time.

  3. I don't think the IRS can legally make any statement about anyone's taxes, whether that statement includes figures, or just a description of ones situation with the IRS.

    1. Perhaps therein lies the logical avenue for the people to pursue.

  4. I was always taught that an half-truth is just another name for a lie.

  5. I personally don't care if he releases his tax returns or not (I, like you, Les, am voting for Johnson). But for political reasons I would probably advise him to do so. He obviously didn't do anything illegal and it will give him an opportunity to make Mr. Obama look small(er).

  6. Romney had better release those returns, as many voters in America understand there is a class out there who are raping and cannibalizing the national product, and Romney smells like he may be among them. GDP has outpaced the average American's economic indicators for well over thirty years now. We have "big government" where we don't need it, and sometimes no government where we really do. Some Americans are really good at gaming that sleaze.

    While you cons and libers fuss over BS issues, these guys are wrecking the country, and blaming those who stand against the sleaze as being the problem themselves. @$$ backwards.


    1. @ jmj who said... "While you cons and libers fuss over BS issues, these guys are wrecking the country, and blaming those who stand against the sleaze as being the problem themselves. @$$ backwards."

      With this statement you are correct. However, you do clearly show your bias. Whereas citizen journalists like Will, LCR, the Humble Libertarian, Libertarian Patriot, myself, and other individuals who don't carry water for establishment politicians and party dogma on either side will stand up and vote for REAL potential change.

      Can you say the same jmj?


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