Saturday, March 24, 2012

Justice Will Not Bring Back a Life... It Must be Served Nonetheless

by: Les Carpenter
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While leaving comments on other sights I chose not to run a post on Trayvon Martin's tragic murder. I use the word murder because for anyone who has reviewed the circumstances surrounding this young man's untimely and unjustified death murder is the only concept that is valid in describing the circumstances of his death.

I decided to wait on a post because frankly the anger that initially welled up inside me at Zimmerman's complete and total lack of respect for another human life would not allow me to say much. Had I said anything when the story broke it would not have been printable, such was my anger that some bigoted self appointed vigilante took the life a young innocent teenager just entering manhood.

After giving space for myself to cool down if you will I find myself believing with even more certainty that Zimmerman deserves to have the book thrown at him and that ultimately, after a fair and just trial he receives the same judgement from a jury of his peers that he rendered the innocence life of Trayvon Martin.

To me it is quite simple, as summed up in my comment at TSZ.

Mar 21, 2012 08:27 AM

After reviewing videos and articles here's what I came away with...

Zimmerman is modern vigilante.

Trayvon was unarmed, non threatening, and posed no reason for concern.

The police dispatcher advised Zimmerman NOT to follow Travon. He ignored the police.

People heard Trayvon in what could only be construed as pleading (or fear) for his life immediately prior to the gunshot.

Zimmerman it would appear is guilty of 1'st degree murder.

Zimmerman should be behind bars waiting arraignment. A swift and speedy, as well as just trial should follow.

Note that on 3/21 I withheld stating what I thought was fair judgment for the human piece excrement that is in fact Zimmerman.

More here, here, and here.

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  1. Zimmerman stalked and killed this kid. And I saw Geraldo Rivera who said it was the kid's fault for wearing a hoodie. I wear a hoodie. So do my kids. If we get stalked and murdered is that our fault?

    God I feel for Trayvon and his parents.

    1. Yeah, Geraldo was just a tad over the top with this one. How anyone can look at this with a critical eye and come away believing this was anything but Zimmerman murdering a innocent teenager is beyond me.

    2. What Geraldo was eluding to, but afraid to say it due to it sounding very non-PC, is that popular gangsta/thug fashion is to wear the hood up o your hoodie to present a more menacing figure.

      I believe Geraldo was saying that Martin was looking the part and this is what got him shot. But Geraldo can't say that aloud, because his liberal base would pitch a hissy fit, so he hints at it and plays around it.

      That article that WiscoDave linked is worth a read. There appears to be more to this story than we originally thought.

  2. WiscoDave Sat Mar 24, 07:15:00 AM

    I have been following this story from the perifery and, as of yet, haven't formed a strong opinion. I found this on another site:

    and feel that it brings up some relevant points, if factual. We need to see that real justice is served, not street justice. I really don't want my car to break down in an inner city neighborhood any time soon...

    1. As I inadvertently deleted the comment I had to copy and paste it from my web site e-mail which retained the comment. This is why it posted under Rational Nation USA.

      Anyway WiscoDave you need to do a lot more research and critical thinking on this. Trayvon was outweighed by 100 lbs or so, he was unarmed, police advised him not to continue to FOLLOW Trayvon which he did, Trayvon had every reason to think he was being stalked or pursued, Trayvon had committed no crime, this did not occur in the inner city, and last WiscoDave you are really evading the core issue, which is the FACT Zimmerman is a self appointed vigilante who has no respect for human life.

    2. Not totally disagreeing with you. Zimmerman SHOULD have stopped pursuit when told to. Words have meaning; vigilante is a strong word to use. I respectfully will disagree with you.
      As far as research:
      We'll see how this plays out. Just don't start sizing Zimmerman up for a rope quite yet.

    3. Vigilante - Watchman, guard, a member of a vigilante committee.

      Vigilantism - The summary action resorted to by vigilantes.

      Vigilance Committee - a volunteer committee of citizens organized to suppress and punish crime summarily (as when the process of law appears inadequate).

      Above taken from Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary.

      I stand by my statements.

  3. The DEFINITION of the word is understood. However what the dictionary states and what most people take it to mean can be vastly different things. Pro Life is a much nicer term than Anti abortion yet both are the same.
    The media very carefully crafts opinions through the words chosen in an article. Stand by your statement and myopic viewpoint. Let's wait for all of the facts before judgement.


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