Sunday, November 13, 2011

Jon Huntsman... Deserving of a Second Look?

by: Les Carpenter
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Jon Huntsman. Another long shot republican hopeful. While not plugging him he deserves serious consideration. Not only is he the only republican candidate with foreign policy experience he is measured and reasonable.

A politician with executive experience, foreign policy experience and a message that will resonate with many if he can stays in the race. Huntsman doesn't have the baggage being carried by some others in the race for the republican nomination.

The Hill - Hours before the first Republican presidential debate to focus on foreign policy, Jon Huntsman released a web video to capitalize on the only issue where he has the clear advantage over his competitors.

The video starts with a montage of Huntsman's opponents making inaccurate or contradictory statements about other countries, while melancholy piano music plays in a minor key.

“So, yes they’re a military threat," Herman Cain says of China in the video. "They’ve indicated that they’re trying to develop nuclear capabilities.”

China tested its first nuclear weapon in 1964 and has been considered a nuclear power ever since.

The video also attacks Mitt Romney for appearing to change positions on a timetable for U.S. withdrawal in Iraq, and Rick Perry for an incorrect statement about India.

“I think at some point the substance really does matter and you’ve got to have a commander in chief who actually understands the world in which we live," Huntsman says at the video's close.

Foreign policy is the one area where none of the other candidates can best Huntsman, a Republican who resigned as Utah's governor in 2009 when President Obama nominated him to be the ambassador to China. Huntsman also held the ambassador post in Singapore under President George H.W. Bush.

There area's of concern. Certainly his position on cap and trade and his spending record while governor of Utah deserve scrutiny and tough questions need be asked.

However, given a head to head comparison against Romney, who seems to be the pundits bet to get the nomination, Huntsman may be a better alternative.

From Huntsman's website. An analysis of his record.

Via: Memeorandum


  1. Do you know about the Council of Foreign Relations and their influence on our history? That question sums up my opinion of Jon Huntsman.

  2. I do wonder if all these people who say anyone but Mitt really mean anyone?

    We don't have to worry. He will never get the nomination.

  3. I'm looking for Gingrich to get the bounce. he's smarter than the rest of these guys. he can make the case to conservatives athat he's one of them.

    I think Newt will benefit from the anything but Romney vote.

  4. The Newt - Just a smart, very smart smooth talking neo-con that would merely move the state along the the corporatism and corporate welfare trajectory.

    Newt is no friend of liberty and perhaps fits the definition of Fascist {in the economic}more than most in the R field.

    Beware of the "Eye of the Newt... Just sayin

  5. The fact that Mr. Huntman wants us the hell out of Afghanistan is reason alone to take another look at him. That, and he's not a religious fundy, either (the dude actually believes in science/evolution, for Christ).

  6. republicanmother asked: "Do you know about the Council of Foreign Relations and their influence on our history?"

    Yes, I know everything about them. Their influence on our history is 0. Nada. Zilch. Which happens to also be the sum total of the influence on our history of the Bildeburgers, the Bavarian Illuminati, the Gnomes of Zurich, Elvis in his UFO, the Trilateral Commission, and the Elders of Zion.

  7. Will: As for 'getting the hell out of Afghanistan', I shake my head at the candidates whose views on Afghanistan are too similar to those of Al Qaeda. Elimination of the terrorists is much more important than a retreat *cough* surrender. It's as bad as quitting WW2 when the troops arre halfway into Germany and leaving a bunch of Nazis running around.

  8. I'm all in favor of killing terrorists, too, dmarks. I just think that we can accomplish that better with an anti-terror approach rather than an anti-insurgency approach. On this one particular topic, I have to say that I agree much more with Biden than I do his "boss".


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