Thursday, September 29, 2011

The "Palin Take"

by: Les Carpenter
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It's late, and having just arrived home from work there isn't time to fully analyze the following video before hitting the sack for some much needed sleep. However, after listening to Greta Van Susteren's interview with Sarah Palin my impression was favorable and Sarah made some good points.

Somebody ought to run a nationwide poll in the attempt to define who makes up the 19% who are satisfied with the government. The results would be quite interesting, and perhaps not exacty what one might expect.

Good night all.

Read the preliminary transcripts here.

Via: Memeorandum


  1. Seeing how government has grown so fat, that 19% are probably those who work for the government!

  2. It's a lot higher than 19% when you ask more specific questions. People like their SS and Medicare. They like the military and veteran's benefits. They like having an FBI, customs, and FDA, etc, etc.

    Ask people what their general feeling about gov't is and you get a very different answer. All that incessant, retarded, rightwing gov't bashing has had some effect. Too bad it's so vacuous and stupid.


  3. "All that incessant, retarded, rightwing gov't bashing has had some effect. Too bad it's so vacuous and stupid."

    "Yes, all that incestuous, retarded, leftist and progressive government-building has had some effect. Too bad it's so vacuous and stupid. Case in point, Obama 2008."

  4. I see that JMJ is a bigot who likes to bash the mentally disabled. This is the same person who is so anti-gay he calls people "faggots", something the right-wingers never do.

    JMJ, time to get educated. You don't need to bash people like this to get your point apart.

  5. On to the issues: "People like their SS and Medicare."

    And that's a problem. These are welfare. Handouts. Mostly going to people who can provide for themselves, and are thus entirely unnecessary.

    Don't you find it to be a pretty bad situation when government creates dependency among those wo can provide for themselves?


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