Friday, May 6, 2011

First 2012 Republican Presidential Debate

by:Les Carpenter
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In moving away from the this weeks top story, the killing of bin Laden, Rational Nation moves on to Thursday's first debate of 2012 republican presidential hopefuls. While this debate may mean little in the larger framework of republican politics I found the debate refreshing {after Obama/Osama overload} and informative.

While there was no clear cut "winner" the three candidates that stood out were, Herman Cain, Gary Johnson, and Ron Paul. All things being considered the nod in last night's debate goes to Representative Ron Paul.

For those who may have missed the televised debate.

What say you?

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  1. I think that Ron Paul would be just as bad as BHO - but in a different way. The Republican Party is still struggling to find a candidate who will embrace conservative values while at the same time catching the imagination of all Americans. They don't have that person yet -- but they seem to be trying.

  2. While I will not side with the "war-mongering" crowd, I feel that the war in Afghanistan has led to some positive results---Al Queida on the run. I disagree with Ron Paul's quick "get all the troops home from around the world" assessment. Many bases should be closed however and foreign aid curtailed. I believe the best showing in the debate was given by Herman Cain. Ron Paul is not a viable Republican candidate; Cain may not be one either--time will tell.

  3. Ron Paul is also a scary individual who tends to vote in the interests of middle eastern terrorists (one of Saddam Hussein's best friends in Congress), and he wants to strip US citizens of citizenship if their parents commit crimes.

    Ron Paul is not even a viable public figure.

  4. From the mailbox @ Rational Nation:

    "I was very impressed by Herman Cain but upon reflection I was also impressed
    by Obama the first time I heard him speak at the 2004 (I think) Democratic
    Convention. Only time will tell but almost anyone will improve on Obama!!!"

  5. Over at Progressive Eruptions there was a quote from somewhere bashing Cain for being black.... and all the liberals supported it. Being racist against a candidate is OK, I guess, if he the candidate is not a leftist.

  6. dmarks - Sad as well as hypocritcal. However very predictable. I would take a spin over but "ole OCTY" banned me! LOL

  7. I've had several discussions of Clarence Thomas on left wing blogs. MOST of the time, the leftists use blatantly racist insults against him, or make racist accusations against him.

    I've not seen them call for him to be lynched, myself. but some leftists have also done that.

  8. dmarks - Typical of the leftist hypocrisy.

  9. dmarks made a comment about "bashing" Herman Cain on my blog. In fact, he himself realized that the sentence in questioned came from the Daily Kos and its assessment of the GOP hopefuls. This is what he calls "bashing" and being racist:

    "Herman Cain: African-American. Enough said."

    The rest is here.

    dmarks, while a congenial enough fellow, has an irritating habit of finding villainous meanings where none exist.


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