Keith Olbermann - Race Baiter Extradinaire

As a proud independent conservative, I am always, and forever amazed, at the virulent race baiting, and throw back the a time long gone that Keith Olbermann seems to be perpetually running from. Or could it be Olbermann is just the choir boy for the irrational liberal left in America?

I don't know which it is nor do I care. Nor should anyone choosing to think independently and rationally.

Here it is folk, down and right from one independent conservative.

Regardless of ones skin color or ethnic heritage, irrespective of ones religious beliefs; in so long as they are truly peaceful and personal, and so long as the individual respects the rights of all other individuals equally we can get past the agenda of Keith Olbermann and his liberal conductors of the liberal orchestra.

Sure, this independent conservative will no doubt be called to task by some. No doubt by the very likes of Keith Olbermann and those who in fact are the racists of the present age. They demonstrate their fear that other races and nationalities may in fact be equal to their own. Thus they fear the loss of control and hence their need to feed into the bigoted belief that minorities can only be successful with the help of... none other than the majority and themselves in particular.

From this  independent conservatives perspective,  Olbermann's race baiting logic is guaranteed to keep race relations relegated to the 18th century. But this, in one man's humble opinion, is the he sole purpose behind Olbermann's rhetoric and that of his deluded brethren on the fringe left..

Please see Left Coast Rebel for more on this troubling subject.


  1. You are totally correct on this issue and Olbermann. I just love the money-quote at LCR, that essentially if you are white and a male, then you are a racist. How delusional is this man and his fans?

  2. LCR - Delusional and irrational beyond belief.

  3. I actually watched his show in full a few weeks back. I needed to know the advertisers of his show for some letter writing campaigns I am working on.

    I honestly thought my head would explode. It was awful. I don't understand how he is still on the air. He never has anything postive to say.

  4. he confesses his own racial prejudice when he declared that every white person was still prejudiced.

  5. Conservative girl - The mere fact you made it through an entire program of Olbermann says a lot about your grit.

    I can't stand the knuckle-headed moron ten minutes and I need to vomit.

  6. Griper - That he does my friend, that he does.

    To think there are those who find value in this guys perspectives.

  7. that is the problem with collectivism. you end up only being able to see and speak of things in a collective mode frame

  8. Griper - So true.

    The inevitable result of collectivism in all its forms is the loss of the individual or self.

  9. Sure are a lot of white people at MSNBC...


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