In the Beginning

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA

In the beginning the original concept for this blog, Rational Nation USA, was quite different than what it eventually became.

Since its inception on June 29th of 2009 this site has been a strong advocate for limited  responsible government, true liberty, and fiscally sound economic policy. The site's Conservative Manifesto clearly spells out the principles for which it stands. It continues to stand by these principles, unequivocally.

So you may ask, what then was the original concept for Rational Nation USA? In a nutshell, it was envisioned to be a forum that would present political views from the right, the center, and the left. In other words a political cross section of American viewpoints. The challenge of course was to line up a moderate and a liberal with the interest and time to take a single issue and present their views in a respectful and persuasive manner. Of course yours truly was to be the bona fide independent conservative.

Guess what...  either there was no one with the time or interest in pursuing such a worthy cause, or else there was no on who wished to suffer the wrath of the ideologues. So, as a result the original concept for Rational Nation USA never got off the ground. The result... I was left with presenting passionate and often snarky posts in support of  what else? My independent conservative positions. In the process I pissed off both the left, heretofore progressive collectivists, as well as the conservatives that should have been supportive of the conservative principles that real conservatives have supported for years... At least until the age of GWB and his brand of socialistic compassionate conservatism. I leave the implications for each to decide what exactly this implies.

The point of this post? I guess it is that this nation , it's politicians, elected government officials, and the voting public are so focused on ideology they fail to recognize the grave threat to our liberty and independence. We have economic and infrastructure problems that severely threaten our future economic security as a nation. And they are deepening each day we fail to address the real core issues.

The nation's political ideologues are so focused on winning their ideological point and preserving their sacred turf they fail to recognize that this is the 21st century and modern realities require thinking outside the box of 20th century conventional wisdom. Both conservatives and liberal are guilty of his and I will be the first independent conservative to admit the error.

Until such time as the politicians and the power structure of both parties realize where the gravest threat lies the nation will remain at peril of losing it's domestic security as well as it's preeminence on the world stage. Some believe it is already to late to salvage our former position internationally. I happen to think we still have a shoot at regaining our national esprit de corps. But it will only happen if reasonable individuals of all "American" political views come together and find SOLUTIONS to our MUTUALLY SHARED problems and the pressing  issues of the day.

At the expense of once again pissing off the conservative base I offer the following rational article that all should consider. It is entitled "Progressive Economics - Part 1". I respectfully suggest all continue to visit this site. At least until the series is complete. Rational Nation USA has it's differences with the blog author politically. But accurate statistical data is hard to argue with, and only a fool tries.

I remain a modern independent conservative and classical liberal and proud of it. I swore I would never resort to the often commonplace vulgar language of the left. However, today I will say to anyone who may attempt to malign me or my allegiance to the "real" conservative cause... Go F yourselves.

Sorry... It's time to get down and get real. This nation has problems to solve. It is past time we did. Our Founding Fathers faced problems that would completely render the current crop of politicians on both sides of the aisle impotent. But wait... they already are.


  1. Les,

    Hear, hear! It seems that many are missing the forest for the trees.

    I admit, I love reading asinine and kool-aid drinking comments from the left. I do. But, well, while this amuses me it is not the way I, or any of us, should consider the troubles of our Nation.

    Your words cut me to the quick, Les. I have been far too guilty of looking for an argument more than I am looking for a solution. Ouch.

    Time to do some serious re-evaluations in my own life.

    Thanks, Les. I needed this slap in the face to bring me back to reality.

  2. Dangit. Above comment from Donald Borsch Jr, in lovely Bethel, CT.

    I forgot to mention that earlier. I hate being "anonymous", but I no longer have a valid account on Blogger...

  3. Les, I'm sure this is the last thing you wanna hear right now but, "Atta boy!"

  4. "I love reading asinine and kool-aid drinking comments from the left..."

    As a leftie I am glad to entertain you Donald...

    Right now I am trying to come to grips with the concept that the overwhelming number of Americans have on average a little over 30,000 dollars in assets and yet each and everyone of us is responsbile for a little over 124,000 dollars due to the deficit...


    No matter what your ideology is thats a tough one to do the math on....

  5. @TAO,

    The biggest thing that bothers me about these numbers is that, speaking for myself, I didn't vote for them at all. No one asked me, called me, consulted me, or even gave me the time of day.

    This debt was thrust upon us like a yoke of slavery, and my grand-children's children will be shouldering it.

    The last session of Congress was a killer, no matter what your ideology is.

    Donald in Bethel, CT


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