Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Congressman-elect Allen West on Defense Spending Cuts

by the Left Coast Rebel

Congressman-elect Colonel Allen West to ABCNews:

"We have to get away from occupation, nation building style warfare."

Bungalow Bill has video to contrast Allen West's statement above, John McCain takes on Rand Paul's call to cut defense spending.


  1. It's about time!!! If the GOP can take this and run with it, I will be voting GOP (occasionally) once again!!!


  2. This the kind of republican that can take his party, make it relevant again, and actually provide leadership...

    Sadly there are too few like him in the GOP.

  3. Be nice if I had more Democrats willing to throw saying "the politically smart" thing out and get to solutions that address what's going on.

    Hearing our politicians cry out about taking our Country back makes us feel good. It doesn't accomplish anything other than that.


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