Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More on Paul Ryan

by the Left Coast Rebel

Anyone that reads my thoughts on a regular basis knows that I am a big fan of Representative Paul Ryan. If you are not familiar with Ryan, please go here for "A Roadmap for America's Future."

Earlier this week Wesley Messamore at the Humble Libertarian noted an awesome exchange between Paul Ryan and statist-MSNBC'er Chris Matthews, writing:

THIS is how to talk to statist progressives like Chris Matthews. Congressman Paul Ryan stands up to Matthews and explains how new taxes hurt economic growth (and even government tax revenues, à la Art Laffer); why ending Bush's tax cuts would hurt small businesses and their workers- not "the wealthy;" and says exactly what he would cut out of the budget to fix America's unsustainable deficit- if only the obstructionist Democrats would allow it.

After watching the video below, read the summary that follows so you can learn how to better advocate for lower taxes, less spending, and fiscal responsibility.

Wesley has been interning at YAL this summer and told me recently that he has learned an incredible amount about effective activism for the pro-liberty cause. On that note, Wesley Messamore highlights several points about Paul Ryan's approach that are quite effective and concludes that:

Another key take-away is Ryan's demeanor. Notice how he smiles, speaks calmly and clearly, and uses simple facts. He's very polite and obviously very intelligent. This is how you defend liberty to its skeptics. Without being aggressive or ugly, he uses simple and true facts to spectacular effect. Without being impolite, the strength of his case made Chris Matthews look like an idiot. And ultimately- when the facts are on the table, statism always looks idiotic.
Wesley's writeup is a MUST READ for activists and hints at a new approach for essentially 'arguing with idiots' that rein in the so-called progressive movement/power structure today.
I can speak for myself in that I tend to become worked up and agitated when confronting progressive-statists and their ludicrous agenda talking points.

Wes' advice is solid - keep your cool, stick to the facts and ultimately from that vantage point, statism will always look idiotic, even to the politically uninitiated.

Updated: Well shiver me timbers - even old Andrew 'Sullie' Sullivan is a fan of Paul Ryan, "The Republican who Gives me Hope" :

If the GOP wins the House, as I assume they will, Ryan really will become a critical figure, it seems to me. He'll be the Chairman of the Budget Committee - and one of six members of the president's Debt Commission. If he can resist the enormous partisan pressure against bipartisan compromise and intellectual honesty, he will be the unlikely hinge in one of the most critical moments in American economic and fiscal history.
I agree, especially in bold.

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  3. Ok I think I'm hapy with my 3rd comment.

    Notice how Joe Crowley didn't put forth one idea except to say the president is committed to bringing down the debt?
    Paul Ryan though much younger than 'Thrill up his leg' Matthews or Crowley yet he speaks in a more mature demeanor and more clearly with educated well thought out ideas. He actually is speaking to the people to make sure they can relate to him.
    Typical democrat no answers -like passing bills so we can find out whats' in them or saying "Read the bill,why read the bill when you can't understand what's in it"
    No wonder people have lost confidence. No plans but hey they know best because they say they do.
    Now there's something I can stand behind......geez!
    They call anyone who disagrees with their policies stupid and/or fear mongers. What they disagree with is the stupid blatant disregard for their careless expansion of government and reckless accumulation of debt. No wonder nobody knows what to expect because the people who pass the bills have no clue either.


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