Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ground Zero Mosque... The Partially Right Presidential Response

By: Les Carpenter III
Rational Nation USA

I am not one prone to utterances of support for the individual currently holding the office of the President of the United States. I believe Barrack Hussein Obama, more often than not, does much to undermine the principals of our Constitution, and the strengths that made this nation great.

Having voiced this opinion on many occasions, I find myself in disagreement with some of the critical commentary over his speech on August 13, 2010. Following several focused sessions listening to his remarks I came away with a two fold take on the issue.

Before beginning my commentary I first give you his speech. The purpose which is to form judgement on his actual words, as well as that which is implied or left unsaid. Either intentionally or unintentionally.

The President scores 100% on the issue of freedom of religion as set forth in our founding document. Article 1 of the Bill of Rights reads in part as follows: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free excercise thereof:...

In so much as none of us were alive at the time of the signing we can only interpret the words of the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights as they were written. The President, despite all his failings, is correct in his support of the First Amendment as written. Article 1 of the Bill of Rights in fact guarantees the right of those wishing to build a mosque near Ground Zero too do so.

The second aspect of this issue, and perhaps the most important is this... What is the pulse of the American people? While the President is correct in his understanding the first amendment (and apparent support thereof) he is also the leader of this nation and should be in touch with it's sensitivities. Which are, in large part, against the construction of a Mosque and Muslim Community Center near Ground Zero.

This leads us to the question on many peoples mind, which is, what is the President's proper role in addressing this volatile political issue? While perhaps a nettlesome question for some (as it obviously is for Obama given his spokespersons retraction, or explanation of his original remarks)  the answer  really rests in objective reasoning devoid of emotional considerations.

Given the above considerations:

A) The President is correct in his interpretation of Article 1 of the Bill of Rights. He is correct in his strong support of its wording and intent.

B) He is at best insensitive too the majority opinion of the citizens he was elected to represent.

While clearly enunciating the constitutionally guaranteed rights of the organization responsible for the proposed building of the mosque near Ground Zero he feel short of his obligation to the American people. Which is recognizing the sensitivity they have toward the issue as well as the reasons why. A leader of any real consequence would recognize that supporting the Constitution, as well as the American people need not be mutually exclusive.

While supporting the Constitutional right of the builders to construct a mosque two blocks from Ground Zero the President could have (and should have done so) expressed the citizens concerns and strongly suggested an alternative sight be considered. In fact behind the scenes Obama could have engaged in discussion with those responsible for proposing the construction at the sight near Ground Zero.

If the Islamic group responsible for proposing the construction was truly interested in "bridging" the gap between America and it's view of Islam they would respond positively to such a Presidential urging. As it stands now the President gets an overall Fail... The group proposing this affront to America's feelings receives an equally as large Fail.

And I won't even get into Mayor Bloomberg's lack of sensitivity to his own fellow New Yorkers.

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  1. Les,

    I read this posting and was at first a bit disturbed by your words, but then, after reflection and rational thought, I realized that you have deftly handled this issue as only you can. Bravo, sir.

    It is glaringly true that as Americans we do indeed have freedom of religion. You cemented this truth in your post.

    Can Americans be Muslim? Of course they can. No argument here. And while I have a deep-seated hatred of Islam itself, how can I, as a man who has sworn an oath to defend The Constitution, find the audacity to "pick and choose" what religion is protected by it? I surely can not. This does not eliminate my distaste for Islam, but it does prevent me from being "that guy" who would swing the axe of "American Christianity" to slice off Islam from our landscape. Christianity is part of America, as well, and I would be rather pissed-off if folks tried to criminalize it based on the actions of a select few who are blinded by fanaticism and hatred.

    That being said, allow me to further say that it is with great and grossly blatant negligence towards the "pulse" of America that our President would defend the right of Islam to erect a community center so close to the horror that is the proof of a cowardly and vicious terrorist attack on our soil. I have heard it being likened to allowing Japan to erect a shrine in Pearl Harbor. Not that we hate the Japanese, no, but good taste and respect can never be compromised in the spirit of liberal "touchy-feely hugs and kisses".

    If this mosque/community center/whatever, is built where the Muslims want it built, it will be a dark, dark day in our history as a Nation. I fear there will be protests and violence ensuing.

    Governor Patterson has offered this as a possible compromise:
    Quite interesting.

    Les, again, I enjoyed your rational approach to this issue, although at first it did irk me. But, hey, when you are right, you're right. And you sir, are right, indeed.

    Donald Borsch Jr.
    Bethel, CT

    (I did this anonymously because I no longer carry a Blogger ID!)

  2. Wow that is all I can say barrack hussian obama is just wow building a mosque by ground zero is crazy and won't be excepted by the public of new york for the wounds of 911 are too fresh and too deep to except this for an average new yorker or even the average american, yes america has the freedom of religion, but to put a mosque in new york, were islam fanatics created such a tragity, lets just say ain't the brightest idea and if obama wants to go on a second term then he should be against it. But wow obama... Just wow... Watching whats happening to america its just sad... If i return to it, it won't be the same... Just sad...

  3. Don - Thank you for rising above pure emotionalism.

    I somehow am not surprised by your ultimate response to my post.

    Thank you for your reasoned comment. Should you ever wish to get back into the political arena I would welcome you as a contributor to RN USA.

    You know my philosophy well and as such would be a great addition to the Left Coast Rebel/Rational Nation USA team.

    Best regards my friend. Be well.


  4. jacob p - Thank you for your insight. Obama is intelligent at a certain level.

    He does however lack leadership ability and skills.

    I won't get into the reasons on this comment stream. I reserve comment for another more appropriate time.


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