Monday, August 16, 2010

GM Plant in Mexico to Receive $500 Million

General Motors (GM), or as many refer to it, Government Motors, because we, the taxpayer, own 60% of the onetime auto giant, is investing $500 million dollars in a Mexican auto plant to build a new mystery vehicle and eight-cylinder engines.

I don’t know about you, but I find this rather disturbing considering our country is facing “the worst economic crisis since the great depression” (I think I could recite THAT sentence in my friggin sleep!); we’re at 9.5% unemployment; and all we hear from the Left is how the Republicans have ruined the economy with trickledown economics, tax cuts and how they’ve sent all the jobs over-seas. Hmm, I guess it’s okay that we send hundreds of millions of tax payer dollars AND jobs straight over the border though, huh?

I mean GM only closed 14 plants and 13 warehouses in 2009 leaving 20,000 people unemployed. This Mexican plant employs 11,000 workers and with this new influx of cash it will hire 390 new workers. I’m sure there are 11,390 people unemployed in the United States who would LOVE to have a job right about now!

Where is the outrage? Where is the outcry? Queue the crickets because the silence is deafening. The Left is notorious for their rage over anything and everything that Bush, or anyone on the Right, has done, real or imagined, but let Obama do something, even take over an American car company then send half a billion dollars to another country when we NEED it right HERE and you hear NOTHING. The hypocrisy is astounding.

That Mexican plant, and any other foreign GM plant, should be shut down—YESTERDAY and reopened here in America where it can employee LEGAL AMERICANS, because it is OWNED by United States taxpayers. A privately owned company can do whatever it wants as it has its own money, but when taxpayer money is involved it should then do what is RIGHT for the taxpayer.

I know I’m wasting my time writing about this, but when I see such a horrific injustice, I just can’t help myself. I believe in doing what’s RIGHT and it angers me when I see such inappropriate actions and by our OWN government no less! It’s actions like THIS that make me wonder how anyone could ever think government is more capable than the average person. Those in government are NOT Gods. They are flesh and blood humans, with failings and frailties like so many others and THAT is why I don’t trust them to run my life, our car companies, our banks, student loans, and our health care. I don’t have blind faith that human beings are without fault and with total power they won’t abuse it. It’s just too tempting to people with less moral character and Washington has proven time and again that they have LESS moral character than the average person.

To emerge with one’s dignity unscathed after encountering temptation’s call is a feat many will flaunt but few will actually achieve …


  1. It DOES seem a rather traitorous move, but maybe it will help keep some Mexicans south of the border for a change.

  2. LOL Gorges! Do you know that they only get paid $4/hr in Mexico? No wonder they want to keep THAT plant open compared to those in the US! With the UAW and their $65-$75/hr...the profit margin is HUGE in Mexico!

  3. Can you provide the links to legitimate news sources for this Pamela. All I can find are right leaning bloggers talking about it.

    I would ask though if anyone on the RN team has ever bought a car not made in the USA. We cheer whem Kia or Hyundai or Toyota builds a plant here. Mexicans buy cars. Why wouldn't they want a Mexican built car?

    And would have rather seen 90,000 people lose their jobs bevause the government, which will be paid back, something those on the right fail to mention for some reason, than 20,000 who will have a chance to be reemployed with the new GM?

    Of course if your anger subsists I would go and buy a new Ford just to show. Hell, buy two. That'll teach that Obama a lesson!

    1. Turns out, "Truth", that at least 40 billion of this cough "loan" cough will never be paid back.

      Truth, if you want a new economic model in which the government funds the corporations in order to employ people. go for it. I hope it works better here than in Stalin's empire.

      A far more sustainable and sensible idea would be national "Right to Work" protections for workers. This would create hundreds of thousands of jobs in the US.

      Of course, in discussion of right to work, Truth's hatred of the 90% or so of American working people who say "union no" and dare to earn and honest living comes right out.

  4. Great blog.. Lunacy is correct! One has to wonder what the GM line look like in 2012 under the Government management. And who really knows if GM will survive that long. By then we may be putting around in electric cars with solar panels on our roofs and recharging them every 40 miles.
    The only problem is that the satellite radio will be stuck and will keep playing only one station and one program, “Air America” even though they went bankrupt and are off the air.

  5. Pam - I too share your frustration.

    The reality is this... American corporations looking to the bottom line, as they should, realize that hard working Mexican people will produce the same quality cars being produced in America at a fraction of the labor cost in the USA.

    If I am an honest business man, which I am, given the same scenario as the CEO of GM (or as it recently has become under Obama Government Motors)I would be forced to make the same decision.

    The answer... More union employee give backs and a substantially restructured Executive package. Including perks.

    If I am the CEO of an organization, which I am not, although I likely should be, I would be the first to sacrifice BEFORE asking my employees,whom I depend on to produce my product at a reasonable profit to so so. Most Americans would respond positively to such dialouge and understanding.

    First however the leadership of corporations must step up to the box known as true leadership.

    Unfortunately this is lacking in Corporate America and it is doubly lacking in the current administration.

    And now I challenge RHINO conservatives and progressive collectivists both to prove me wrong.


    Especially my find feathered friend TOM!


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