Thursday, February 18, 2010

Where Is America's Will? It Is Time To Find It

Until such time as the progressives in congress finally realize government can not create real jobs and lasting prosperity, that only a robust and vibrant private sector can... and until such time as the so called conservatives in congress realize that government can not deficit spend our way to prosperity (remember GWB) we will remain in seriously troubled financial waters.

It is time that rational, level headed AmericanS, start to elect rational, level headed Americans to congress and hold them accountable for results. Real results that will point the country in the direction towards fiscal sanity and responsibility once again. It is high time the days of the special interests and corrupt political machines lose their death grip on America.

Only We The People, through patriotic concern for our rational self interest and that of our Nation, can accomplish this. Now is the time. The question is, do we have the will? One thing is fairly certain, it won't be easy and everyone will feel the pain. But it will be a fraction of the pain we will experience if we do nothing.

The video to follow is but a small illustration of  the points Rational Nation USA has tried to make.


  1. Sometimes both of us want to see goodness and light RN. But I also have faith that you're a man of reason and realism.

    If you look at the stimulus from the point of impartial observer, it has been a huge success. It was supported by both parties. The republicans decided not to support it when Obama became president. But what it accomplished is the ultimate achievement of our two parties. A huge government program that isn't paid for with tax hikes or spending cuts. No suffering man. Government entities all over the nation clamor for their share of tax free, painless money. Cities, counties and states wanting this money to pay for stuff they never had the courage to ask their local voters to pay for.

    I look forward to the accounting tricks governments use when stimulus money is gone.

    I am with you in spirit for an alternative to the system we have now RN. It's not just ridiculous. It's dangerous. But how are we going to convince people that the new highway or express train their congressman just brought home is not a good thing when their taxes didn't go up and legislators will continue to avoid asking us to pay the bills.

  2. Truth 101 - Thank you for that. I strive to be a man of reason. Admit to occasionally falling short :-)

    I will give you this... The stimulus has the appearance and feeling of being a huge successes. To those who fail to recognize one small, but rather obvious and important detail,YOU SIMPLY CANNOT HAVE YOUR CAKE AND EAT IT TOO.

    The clock is ticking... tic toc,tic toc, tic toc...

    You and I have different views on how to fix it Truth. But the bottom line is, as you so aptly put it,"It's not just ridiculous,it's dangerous."

    Perhaps we just want to much and we have trained our government officials to satisfy our every desire. At the cost to our future.

    I remain an independent conservative that realizes we simply are out of control.

    We must find a way to stop spending, reduce the scope of the federal government, return more responsibility to the states to manage their their own affairs, at some point consider targeted tax increases to pay done the debt... and so it goes.

    Pay as you go make sense to me. If you want it must be paid for. If you can't afford it then you don' get it.

    This is simplistic I know but this morning I feel like being simple.What the hell, I just want to give somebody the opportunity to have a little perverse fun anyway.

    Good to have you visit.


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