Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ron Paul Wins CPAC Straw Poll - Draws Boos

As an independent conservative, and one who has only followed the CPAC conference minimally, I was pleased over the announcement Ron Paul was the top vote getter in the CPAC straw poll field of eleven. However, I was puzzled by the boos erupting from the crowd.

After a few brief moments it hit me. Boos were coming from those entrenched in the Republican Party establishment. The power structure of the party that has held control of, and was responsible for many of the failings of the out of touch current Republican party hierarchy.

While it is unlikely the seventy four year old Ron Paul will be a serious contender for the 2012 Republican nomination, he represents real conservative and libertarian principals. Principals not unlike those that fueled the conservative movement during the sixties and seventies. A movement that included Bary Goldwater, William F. Buckley, and Ronald Reagan. Modern conservatives were at one time lead by principled men.

The thirty one percent  Paul received (Mitt Romney received twenty two percent) should be viewed by the Republican Party as the starting point around which to rebuild the party. Ron Paul should be considered a strong and principled voice worth listening to. His principled conservative and libertarian values can, and should be a strong part of any rebirth of a viable Republican party.

Frankly this writer believes this will not happen. The entrenched power base of the party, with its considerable money, and it's pandering to special interest influence, will stand in the way of any attempt to wrest power from them and effectively reform the party. So what's and independent conservative or libertarian minded individual  to do?

Now is a time in American politics, if ever there was one, to support a strong principled third party movement. In answer to the rhetorical question as to what to do, the answer is to educate ourselves on the issues, seek out independent candidates who we believe will represent our interests and support them, cast our vote not along party lines but based on whom will best serve the long term interests of our country. In short vote our conscience.

I realize I just put myself on the firing line as I came out in support of Scott Brown during the Massachusetts special election to fill the senate seat vacated by Ted Kennedy. I did so even though the libertarian Candidate more closely mirrored my independent conservative beliefs.

This decision was not an easy one. But the idea of Cloakly possibly gaining the seat was, in any conservatives mind unacceptable. In short the idea of  Cloakley possibly winning because votes went to a candidate that couldn't possibly win that election was reprehensible enough I chose to be the pragmatist. So, Radical Perspective fire away. Simply put my decision in this instance was one that was in the best interests our country.

But I digress. The critical issues of returning to sound fiscal management of our country, a viable and coherent foreign policy, a reasoned response to our critical domestic issues, regaining international respect from countries the world over, and reuniting Americas under the shared banners of liberty and self determination for all... should be the desire and goal of all American patriots.

It is the belief of the publisher and editor of Rational Nation USA to do so will require the disengagement from our current two party system and its power based stranglehold influence. It is imperative to our representative republic that a third, or even fourth principled party become ascendant.   We The People must begin embracing a true independent mindset whether that be liberal or conservative and act accordingly.

The survival of our nation and its founding principles require, in fact demand, nothing less. Standing on reasoned and rational principals must be the guiding force behind our differences. But perhaps more importantly they must become the guiding force behind our similarities as Americans.

Ron Paul and his brand of conservative libertarian leaning politics deserves to be seriously considered by both the left and the right and be given it's day in court. The Republican party (read entrenched power base) would do well to give Paul a front and center seat at the table when defining its political agenda and platform.


  1. I think most people agree with Ron Paul's domestic or social politics but its his foreign policy positions in which he alienates himself so much. Even his son Rand would have authorized the use of force in Afghanistan.

  2. I am sorry but I couldn't back Ron Paul. There are some things that I agree on, but his views on America should be an isolationist country leave me questioning his sanity.

    I also don't like the fact that in some ways he has a cult like following. I don't think that is healthy in a political setting.

    I respect your viewpoint on him, but for me personally his views are not good for this country.

  3. Teresa - The use of force in Afghanistan following 911 was justifiable. The use of force in Iraq was not and the current use of force in Afghanistan is at best questionable.

    The only justification for force is in response to aggression by another nations the people and sovereignty of another nation.

    I would ask all to reflect on this moral truth before deciding. And I know it is not an easy determination generally.

    We in America 1) must afford all other nations the right to self determination, and 2) we canot continue to be the world policeman. Either from and ethical view or a fiscal view.

  4. Just a conservative girl - Ron Paul is not an isolationist. He firmly believes in developing trading relationships with foreign powers as did our founding fathers.

    He also believes in not becoming embroiled in the affairs of other sovereign nations. Unless not doing so presents a clear and present danger to our national security. Again mirroring many of our founding fathers.

    That aside, if the people of this nation really wish to effect positive change we simply must move our nation away from the vested interests of entrenched power.

    As an independent conservative I am willing to take the leap of reason, or faith for some.

    And I ask the perhaps rhetorical question, were GWB's positions good for this country? Are BHO's views good for this country."

    Both represent the opposing yet entrenched power base of our major parties.

  5. Rational Nation, I commend you for being willing to question the U.S. Military intervention abroad. Few conservatives these days are willing to take that risk.

  6. I give Ron Paul cheers, would've voted for him but his creationist views alienate me... His anti-war stance is courageous and shows him to be of the highest moral fiber.

  7. Anon - Thank you. IMO one heck of a lot more ned to.

  8. Gene - I to am somewhat troubled as you. However, his ethical fiber and many positives outweigh this relatively insignificant issue. At least in my opion.

  9. Ron Paul and Allan Keyes are two peas in a pod: both strongly conservative, love the Constitution as it was written, and yet have a few positions that are just completely unpalatable to the rank and file GOP voter.

    Neither of these guys can get elected president, ever.

  10. Fredd - Sadly I must agree. And to me it reflects the dismal state of our politics and government.

  11. RN, to build upon your point to Just a Conservative Girl, I would like to point out that in the days immediately following 9/11 Ron Paul supported the Authorization to Use Military Force Act to get the people that committed the atrocity - people who are still uncaptured.

    What he is against is nation-building and invading nations that don't threaten us. It is not isolationism.

  12. Carl - Excellent point. Thank you for pointing it out.


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