Friday, January 15, 2010

What is Capitalism Part 5

The final post of "What is Capitalism". Rand brings her arguments for a vibrant capitalism to a powerful conclusion. Simply put, individualism, productive achievement, and a ethical and moral capitalism is far superior to socialism and collectivism


  1. Law, in America, has always been based on several critical concepts, one of which is that people of like situation are treated like others of like situation. If you plunder one person for the benefit of another person, neither of which differ, laws are are violated. If you take from one bank, a punitive tax, and give it to another bank, the law is violated. The Federal Government today, under the direction of organized criminals who break the law and plunder Americans without remorse, is becoming, itself, a center of criminal activity. However, just as with Robin Hood, the few who benefit from theft of their fellows wealth will justify criminal politicians, as did many in Louisiana under Huey Long.

  2. Clay - It seems like many have ceased to understand the value concept of individual rights and individual responsibility.

    Apparently it is much easier intellectually to be a member of some tribe and gain its protection at the cost of ones liberty.


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