Thursday, January 14, 2010

What is Capitalism? Part 4

More on capitalism by one of the supremely rational minds of the 20th century. An understanding of capitalism, and its power to create wealth and lift the standard of living of an entire society, seems to have been lost on an a majority of the last three or four generations of American businessmen and government leaders.

Many business leaders, and most elected government officials, have lost the true sense of what capitalism in its pure and true form can, and will accomplish for a society. The individual, when allowed to use their own mind and harness their productive capacity can accomplish great things.

If all business leaders, and elected government officials understand the values and benefits of capitalism the country and the the people would be better off by far. Perhaps if they did we could rid ourselves of the corrupting influence of special interests and the strangling effects of greed. Ayn Rand was opposed to both, and she admired the creativeness and productive capacity of all who worked at their honest trade, whatever it may have been.

Rand understood the value of individualism and liberty, and that they must be in ample quantity for capitalism to thrive in any society. She also knew that individualism's antithesis, collectivism, was a destroyer of the self and any desire to achieve. History supplies many examples of this.

And now the fourth installment of "This is Capitalism."

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