Monday, November 16, 2009

Obama's Afghanistan Timing

The President, no doubt enjoying once again escaping the homeland for his Asian visit, bristled when asked questions with regard to his Afghan policy. Or is better stated his lack of an Afghan policy.

When the Associated Press's Jenifer Loven asked the President "Can you explain to the people watching and criticizing your deliberations what piece of information you're still lacking to make that call", the President showed his obvious displeasure. Could it be that the President lacks the "cool" to deal with anything but softball questions?

The Presidents non response, "Which respect to Afghanistan Jennifer, I don't think this is a matter of some datum point of information I am waiting on. ... Critics of the process ... tend not to be folks who ... are directly involved in what's happening in Afghanistan. Those who are, recognize the gravity of the situation and recognize the unimportance of getting it right".

The Presidents response begs the questions; 1) You don't think, (this a matter of some datum point), Mr. President, shouldn't you know by now? 2) The folks on the ground have given you their recommendations Mr. President. You and your political cronies have had more than ample time to make a decision. 3) All of America, (not just those directly involved in the situation), knows the gravity of the situation and we also know your Administrations dithering is costing American lives as well as your credibility.

While the President, and his handlers, are giving this decision the face of one that requires time to consider all viewpoints, especially opposing view, they are in fact politicizing the decision. Even to the degree that they are constrasting it with President Bush's decision, backed by Congress, to invade Iraq. That was the Mr. President, this now. And it is time you act like a Commander in Chief, as well as the President, and make a decision.

Doyle McManus, of The Los Angeles Times, wrote Sunday in his column headlined "Obama rethink rethinking Afghanistan", stated that deliberations were "starting to look like dangerous indecision. "In George Bush we had a President who shot first and asked questions later. In Barrack Obama we have a President who asks the right questions but hesitates to pull the trigger".

When you have one of America's Bastions of Liberal Journalism, The Los Angeles Times, running a column critical of the Presidents dithering all doubt should be erased. Yes Mr. President even your staunch supporters are beginning to question your delaying tactics and their purpose.

It has been reported that the President will likely have one more, and supposedly final, war council upon his return to Washington later this week. This of course comes on the heels of eight prior formal meetings of his war cabinet totally twenty hours of discussion. While having the information needed it is said the President is working through some details. Code for delaying tactics.

Dr. David Axelrod, while not having a seat at the table, has ascribed the impatience for this important decisions to be todays "ADD political culture".

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