Sunday, May 22, 2022

Excerpt From Vigilant Introspection From The Way 0f The Bodhisattva


47. And when you feel the wish to move about
     Or even to express yourself in speech,
     First examine what is in your mind,
     For steadfast ones should act correctly.

48. When the urge arises in your mind
      To feelings of desire or angry hate.
      Do not act! Be silent. do not speak!
      And like a log of wood be sure to stay.

49.  And when your mind is wild or filled with mockery,
       Or filled with pride and haughty arrogance.
       Or when you would expose another's secret guilt
      To bring up old dissensions or to act deceitfully,

50. Or when you want to fish for praise.
      Or criticize and spoil another's name.
      Or use harsh language. sparring for a fight.
      Its then like a log you should remain,

51. And when you yearn for wealth, attention, fame,
      A circle of retainers serving you,
      And when you look for honors, recognition,
      It's then like a log you should remain.

52. And when you are inclined to overlook another's need
      And when you get the best thing for yourself,
      Ad when you feel the urge to speak.
      It's then that like a log you should remain.

53. Impatience, indolence, faintheartedness,
      And likewise arrogance and careless speech,
      Attachments to your side - when these arise,
      It's then like a log you should remain.

54. Examine thus yourself from every side,
      Take note of your defilements and your pointless efforts.
      For thus the heroes on the Bodhisattva path
      Seize firmly on such faults with proper remedies.

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