Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Reflection, Contemplation, and Realization...


Today was day of contemplation. There have many, too many to remember actually. Probably a common thread in many, if not most folks' lives. Especially as they enter the final chapter of their blessed time here on Mother Earth.

Today's meditation was spent reflecting back. Back over 50 years. To recall that time of youthful idealism. When possibilities seemed manifest, and the promise of a better tomorrow filled the air. WE of the baby boom generation were going to change the world.

Those were the days! But life is a constant flow of energies, thoughts, and actions. Like the seasons, life is ever changing. Leaving us to navigate uncertain waters throughout the course our lives. Life has a way of changing us. Sometime in ways that, years later, causes a sense of loss.

What exactly is meant by a sense of loss? In context of today's contemplation/reflection it means; a change in one's philosophy or beliefs so as to conform to that which is expected if one is to succeed. Or, put another way: responding to cultural conditioning in ways that please those with the power to positively affect one's security and wellbeing. Some have called it selling your soul to the devil.

For this simple man, realizing the place he is at today is not the place he thought he would be in his idealistic twenties is unsettling. Western values that hold individualism, individual liberty, dualism, and distrust in the "other" are the diving energies that were working to slowly overpower the energies of my 1960's idealism.

Continued tomorrow.

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