Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Digital Addiction...


Much of American society has become completely connected, significantly distracted, largely self absorbed, and increasingly greedy.  With this it has also become increasingly unaware of as well as unconcerned with living each moment as it arises and dissolves. Thus Americans are, in very large numbers, not accessing the happiness and contentment that is always available to them. If they know how to access it through practices that lead to enlightenment and awakening. 

Below is a video and link to  the transcript of an interview focusing on part of  this rapidly growing problem. Current trends do not bode well for society. Unless a shift in national focus, beginning with its values and beliefs.

Does anyone see change happening? If so how and when? And in your view what will it take?

Americans are increasingly dependent on their digital devices, and while these provide undeniable benefits, some say their negative consequences must also be addressed. Correspondent Kim Lawton talks with Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor Sherry Turkle, who says there must be times and places where conversations and human relationships are more important than technology. “Empathy is at stake,” she says, “and we need empathy to raise children who are able to be ethical and moral people.” Also interviewed are Tanya Schevitz of the Jewish cultural organization Reboot and the National Day of Unplugging, and Zen master Jane Dobisz, who leads device-free meditation retreats.

LINK - When the link opens click on READ TRANSCRIPT.

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