Thursday, January 20, 2022

How Will Life End On This Planet?..


Following is a list of the10 greatest threats to sentient beings life on this beautiful and marvelous home of ours. Planet Earth.

Following the list is a link to the full article. Enjoy. Or perhaps, become more aware. Really aware so as to take action personally on those things we (all) can have a positive and healing impact on.

10. Nuclear War
9. Biological Warfare
8. Global Pandemic
7. Climate Change
6. Loss Of Biodiversity
5. Artificial Intelligence
4. Nanotechnology
3. Super Volcanoes
2. Asteroid
1. The Unknown

Note: The top three may be completely beyond our control. Four through ten are certainly within our ability to influence and perhaps eventually control if one through three doesn't happen anytime soon.

Therefore, it just seems like time to get REALLY serious about taking actions to impove our situation and ultimately to reverse the trends human started at the dawn of the industrial age.

8. Global P

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