Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Thoughts on A Declining America...


America, the country I was born in and have loved for nearly 70 years is becoming unrecognizable. It is becoming, at an ever accelerating pace, but a shell of its former self.

One political party, under the stewardship and direction of  Donald J. trump, continues to move the party deeper and deeper into lies, conspiracy, and ignorance. As a result the country is slowly becoming destabilized and will become ripe for the picking by agressive and violent authoritarians within our own country.

The liberties and freedoms this democratic republic allegedly stood for (until now) are slowly and steadily being challenged and even limited in red republican (aka trumpublican) states. As the more extreme elements in the republican (aka trumpublican) party gain confidence their efforts to restrict civil and human freedoms will increase in intensity.

America should be ashamed of the post WW II generation. That generation,  known as baby boomers, grew up spoiled to the hilt as well as being as self centered and selfish as could possibly be. Simply put the baby boomers, in thier ignorance and greed, have done more to hasten mother earth and the planet towards eventual destruction than any prior generation.

America has been a racist nation since its founding. The acceptance and continued practice of slavery (human bondage) after its founding until the Civil War is proof sufficent that  America was indeed founded as a racist nation. Its continued disparate treatment of others not like themselves (black, asian, different sexual orientation, etc) confirms that we remain an unjust nation at many levels. Otherism has a securehome here in America.

Capitalism, the system that was the best system ever designed up to its creation, has steadily been turned into a system that drives extreme selfishness, greed, and economic disparity and injustice. As the top 1 or 2 percent of Americans owning the greatest wealth greedily and steadily work to insure increasing wealth for themselves the rest of the nation is left to fend for itself as best it can.

Looking at the Judeo/Christian ethos, that religious philosophy millions of Americans like to wrap themselves in, one must ask just how it is that it so effectively supportive of the ignorance and greed that has effectively transfomed America into a country where many seem ONLY  concerned about their own personal self interests and to hell with ANYTHING else that might stand in their way.

Time is rumnning out for the planet. With this time is also running out for the good ole US of A and the rest of humanity.  Perhaps its all interconnected. Every action creates ripples across the globe, effecting all things amd all beings. And this nation continues on its ignorant and greedy merry way. Living in that blissful place known as delusion.

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