Thursday, October 28, 2021

The Primordial Sound of the Universe...

It is believed that the whole universe, in its most fundamental form, is made up of vibrating, pulsating energy. Vibration produces sound and AUM is considered the humming sound of this cosmic energy. AUM is said to be the primordial creative sound from which the entire universe has manifested.

Without using any jugglery of heavy and fancy spiritual words, I would straightaway like to answer  in simple words –

1. OM is a word while AUM is the sound of this very word OM i.e. Om is an auspicious word which should be pronounced as AUM (AAAUUUMMM )while chanting. AUM in itself is just the sound ,not any word.
Further,theoretically speaking  , English Alphabet ‘O’ is spelled as a symmetrical combination (diphthong) of A & U in sanskrit and hence AUM. To feel the   play of vibrations, chant AAAUUUMMM.

2.Regarding mystics about AUM, when you pronounce AAAUUUMMM continuously ,you can very well feel the upward surge of energy as explained in one of my earlier blogs.

(AumKar Meditation)

That’s probably because when you chant AUM, you are in sync with the cosmic sound which anyways wants your energy to move upwards (towards Sahasrara Chakra.)

3.Besides, even if you have been chanting OM till date , there are absolutely no issues since as far as cosmos is concerned,it really doesn’t matter whether you have been chanting Om or Aum because rather than listening to what you are saying , cosmos wants you to listen to its own  sound (which will be audible as a humming sound as you progress on this path ,which is really soothing and gets a little loud at times.)

 But I would strongly suggest, don’t force your ears in listening to humming sound etc.Just Meditate, let things happen on their own and not the otherwise.

On a concluding note , to the best of my knowledge & experience, I would suggest you to chant AAAUUUMMM for few minutes if you wish to but eventually, be calm,just sit & do nothing..Because,believe me, Silence & not sound is the key.Find yourself in Emptiness (Shunya) and enjoy the cosmic sound that  follows.

Namaste & take care ! Happy Meditation !!

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