Friday, September 17, 2021

Truth We ALL Need To Acquire and Understand... For the Sake Of Our Home and All Of Humanity...


Buddha would be green—I am green too

Buddha was born as his mother leaned against a tree for support. He attained enlightenment seated beneath a tree, and passed away as trees stood witness overhead. Therefore, were Buddha to return to our world, he would certainly be connected to the campaign to protect the environment.

Speaking for myself, I have no hesitation in supporting initiatives that are related to protecting the environment because threats to our environment are a question of our survival. This beautiful blue planet is our only home. It provides a habitat for unique and diverse communities. Taking care of our planet is to look after our own home.

We can no longer keep exploiting the resources of this earth—the trees, the water, and the minerals—without any care for coming generations. It is common sense that we cannot survive if we keep working against nature. We must learn to live in harmony with nature.

If we compare damage to the environment to war and violence, it’s clear that violence has an immediate impact on us. The trouble is that damage to the environment takes place more stealthily, so often we don’t see it until it is too late. We have reached a tipping point in global warming.

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  1. Your choice of Eastern religious figures is interesting. The same messages have been voiced by Western philosophers and religious leaders.
    I disagree that ganja is and has been illegal for decades. It certainly does not deserve to be listed as a level I narcotic.
    But it is and has been illegal and the prosecution and criminal charges regarding those illegalities has had destructive effects on society including negative "green" effects.
    Choosing to break those ganja laws contributes to those negative effects. If laws are unjust they should be eliminated through the legislative process, otherwise, those laws should be obeyed so as not to contribute to the negative effects of enforcing those laws.

    1. Agreed. To a point.

      Wrong is wrong. Evil is evil. Refusing to take action to correct wrong (or negatives) is then what?

      Thankfully, one by one the evil is being dismantled. One state at a time.

      I question when and if this nation, as well as others, will ever realize that all the world's major problems, including climate change, racism, and poverty are the direct result of greed and ignorance.

    2. If taking action adds to the evil what good is that?

    3. Negative intentions leads to negative actions.

      Positive intentions leads to positive actions.

      Wisdom leads to the right choice.

      Not everyone has acheived wisdom. Most certainly no nation has achieved wisdom.

  2. I've found " eating more rice" and meditating has helped clear my ming of illusions and stories.

    As Tich Nhat Hahn advises... Be still and know.


  3. Buddhism is an interesting philosophy. For me, ethically and morally it simply resonates, Deified religions, like Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are too judgmental and punitive for my liking. OIW kit make little to no sense to me. However, having said that, I do believe that ALL truly peaceful non violent religions all have a place at the table as we work through the greed and ignorance that is not lessened and eventually eradicated WILL be the end of human civilization as we've known known it.

    Mother Earth could NOT have a worse guardian than humankind.


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