Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Matt Gaetz, Like His Idol tRump, Is A Total POS...

 Thoughts from The Lincoln Project on punk man Matt Gaetz. Spot on. May Gaetz land where he belongs. In a federal prison. Preferably for a very long time.



Last week, Florida Representative Matt Gaetz tried to sneak out of trouble. Mere hours before news broke regarding unsavory, potentially illegal behavior in his past, news broke that Gaetz was considering leaving Congress early to take a job at the misinformation HQ, Newsmax. 

If potentially exposing an FBI investigation and an alleged inappropriate relationship with an underage girl weren't enough, Gaetz has a history of doing nothing but harm to his state and our nation. 


He's been a leading voice for conspiracy theorists and insurrectionists throughout his time in office and has close ties to former President Trump -- all things that make him utterly unfit for office, and a perfect fit for today's Republican Party.


Matt Gaetz is nothing but a punk: He made his way on his dad's money, served at the right hand of Donald Trump, and is now a leader within a party that no longer lives by ideals, but by the worst instincts and behavior of those who run it.


Together, we can and will expose Matt Gaetz and Trump Republicans for what they are: Bad for America and bad for democracy.

-- Reed

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