Sunday, April 11, 2021

Found On A Rightwing Trumper Cult Site... Projecting As Always!


Ayup, the idiots of the Trumper alternative reality universe certainly are well represented! Thank you WYD for reaffirming this truth for all of us who are actually grounded in actual reality.


  1. Like has been said A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words. We should feel sorry for joey for he knows not who is is or what he does.

  2. I'll willing give you this skud... in your mind and the minds of the other rightwing trump sheeple the SUPERIOR, WISER, and more INTELLIGENT President Biden indeed "knows not who he is or what he does". For the rest of us, which is the MAJORITY of Americans President Biden is fine. He's a marked improvement over the other guy who lost his job in a popular and electoral college LANDSLIDE.


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