Thursday, March 25, 2021

Trump’s Presidency Likely Cost Over 300,000 Unneeded Deaths Due To Covd-19... All From His Egregious Mishandling Of The Pandemic...

The Washington Post One year after the coronavirus pandemic began, the United States has been reshaped in remarkable ways. One of every 600 people alive at the beginning of last year has died of covid-19, the disease caused by the virus. Millions more have been infected with it, with some part of that group enduring lingering symptoms. Millions of people remain out of work.

The ship is turning. Multiple massive economic support packages have passed — the most recent by the Democratic-controlled Congress and White House. Millions more people have been vaccinated against the virus than have contracted it over the past several months. But there’s still the nagging question: What could have been different?

Such questions are hard to answer in real time, depending on the slow gathering and analysis of information. But we're starting to find some answers, including ones that offer a pointed political lesson.

It’s likely that the government’s response to the pandemic led to hundreds of thousands of deaths that could have been prevented. And it’s likely that the pandemic response cost Donald Trump the presidency.

Full Stop.

We mourn the loss of thousands of lives lost  to the Covid-19 pademic. And, we decry trump's early denial, followed by his lack of leadership and egregious mishandling of the serious health threat to millions of Americans.

The primary, and certainly biggest lesson to be  learned is to never again entrust our government and the country's welfare and security to a liar, conspiracy nut, anti democratic authoritariawith a known and demonstrated  thug mentality.

As long as the nation purges Trumpism and the Q-GOP Trumpers from power and restores faith in our democracy and the values it has supported for over 200 years we will be fine. But if on the other hand we ever allow another dishonest authoritarian trump type to gain power again? Well, we'll derserve whatever tryranical fate awaits us.

On to more of the feature article.

The first point is a particularly contentious one. In the past, there's been analysis comparing the U.S. response to other countries, finding it lacking. Last summer, for example, researchers compared the American response to other countries, showing how their more muscular approaches tamped down the relative death toll.

More recently, research from Andrew Atkeson of the University of California at Los Angeles determined that implementation of robust efforts to halt the spread of the virus last May — widespread testing, mask mandates — could have held the country’s death toll below 300,000 in total. His model estimates that the country will reach 672,000 deaths overall as vaccines are rolled out, one of every 490 Americans alive at the beginning of last year. That’s a gap of nearly 400,000 deaths.

Trump didn't embrace such mechanisms. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention were recommending the wearing of masks as early as April of last year, but Trump declined to do so. That helped bolster a partisan response to the pandemic, with Trump advocating for states to stay hands off — largely, it seems, out of concern that reductions in economic activity would hurt his reelection bid.

Ayup. Hit that nail on its trumpian head. In fact the ONLY thing driving the trump agenda was whatever trump deemed most benefitted his, god forbid, reelection. IOW his attitude was to hell with the Ameican people's health as long as he got reelected.

Back to thge article.

Other research suggests that it was instead the lax approach to the pandemic that led to Trump’s eventual defeat. His own pollster, Tony Fabrizio, produced research showing how those who voted against Trump were more likely to view his response to the pandemic critically. There’s necessarily a chicken-egg question here, with preexisting Trump skeptics probably being less likely to say that they thought he did a good job on the pandemic. But there’s a correlation.

For us anti conspiracy type who demand and expect truth, honesty at all times from our government, and the burning desire to preserve, protect, and defend our democracy, trump losing the election by both a popular vote and Electoral College vote landside was a very good and very neccessary occurance.

Let us never again elect a charlatan con man and conspiracy theorist to the highest office in the land. For if we do se shall deserve whatever nefarious and tyrannical fate that awaits us.

Find the rest of the article HERE.

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