Thursday, March 4, 2021

Q-GOP Continuing Attemps To Restrict Access Of Americans to The Ballot... It's All About Insuring The Q-GOP's Racism And Power

 Voting rights emerged as the most important political issue of the post-Trump era this week

The decades-long fight over ballot access was largely overshadowed by former President Donald J. Trump’s personality-based politics.

Ayup, and now the battle only intensifies as the Q-GOP fight to restrict ballot access of the liberal majority constituency that would insure no Q-GOP candidate would ever again be elected to the presidency of the United States of America. But fortunately there is a democratic party and independents working hard to insure the rights of EVERY American to access to the ballot so their voices are heard.

On to The New York Times  the article...

Even as Congress was poised to pass the biggest relief package in the country’s history, attention quickly turned this week to the fundamental issue of voting rights in America, a partisan struggle that will define and perhaps decide elections in 2022, 2024 and beyond.

The decades-long fight over ballot access was largely overshadowed by former President Donald J. Trump’s personality-based politics.

han 250 bills in 43 states that would tighten voting rules, according to the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University.

The most prominent is Georgia, where Republican leaders reeling from Democrats’ unexpected statewide victories in the presidential election and two Senate races have unabashedly sought to clamp down on ballot access by advancing sharp limits to voting by mail and early voting on Sundays, when many Black voters cast ballots after church services.

This battle is fast defining life in Washington. On Thursday, the U.S. Capitol was on lockdown after security officials warned of a potential attack by extremists, many of them inspired, as were the Jan. 6 rioters, by Mr. Trump’s false claims that Democrats stole the election through fraudulent means, including expanded voter access and extended deadlines.

Late Wednesday, House Democrats pushed through a sweeping expansion of federal voting rights over unified Republican opposition. The measure was aimed at countering Republican attempts to clamp down on ballot access in states across as they attempt to claw back gains by Democrats who took advantage of expanded mail-in-voting and extended voting periods during the pandemic.

The bill, adopted 220 to 210 mostly along party lines, would be the most significant enhancement of federal voting protections since the 1960s if it became law. It aims to impose new national requirements weakening restrictive state voter identification laws, mandate automatic voter registration, expand early and mail-in voting, make it harder to purge voter rolls and restore voting rights to former felons — changes that studies suggest would increase turnout, especially by nonwhite voters.

But the measure, which is supported by President Biden, appears to be doomed for now in the Senate, where Republican opposition would make it all but impossible to draw the 60 votes needed to overcome a filibuster and advance.

The debate is spilling into popular culture. More Than a Vote, founded by the basketball star LeBron James last year, will join with the N.B.A. and other groups to protest the actions in Georgia at this weekend’s All-Star Game in Atlanta.

“This last election won’t change anything if we don’t keep working,” Mr. James wrote to his 49 million followers on Twitter on Tuesday.

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