Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Bringing Debt Accumulation of tRump... A Model the Q-GOP {former GOP) Follows As Well With the National Debt... Has Since 1980...


tRump and the debt whores of the republican party.

But watch the spendthrift Trumpublican Q-GOP scream like a pack of hyenas when the Democrats spend on ACTUALLY creating forward looking progress. Just as they ALWAYS have. Especially since 1980 and RWR.


  1. The lessons of history are so clear it's just suicide to follow the Republican cry of tax cuts, but no spending cuts. This all happened in one generation, the baby boomer generation. Proving they are just as selfish as they were as kids.

  2. My wife and I are baby boomers, "46" and "52" and both of us agree. Neither of us support the rephblican fiscal insanity that began in 1980 and has been picking up steam every since.

    After many years as a proud republican this actual fiscal conservative jumped ship a decade ago. The party's irresponsibility and hypocrisy bave become so egregiously blatant and in your face that personally I don't see how the party survives another decade.

    The Republican party has lost any and all sense of responaibility for itself and does not understand what accountability means for ones actions. Unless of course it if for the other party. The only sane party in America at this point,l is the democrats.

    Democrats, especially the progressive wing, have their problems as well. America is ready for meaningful responsible change but America is not yet ready for the sweeping changes the progressives are pushing. Which is why President Biden will begin seeing resistance from progressives in his own to his so far stellar leadershipand. I think THAT in and of itself poses a grave threat to out democracy and out republic.

    Just sayin...


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