Thursday, January 21, 2021

GOP, Unpopular - Delusional - Un-American...

 (CNN) - The Republican Party will begin its time as the minority party in Washington unpopular with a public ready to move on from President Donald Trump, according to a new CNN Poll conducted by SSRS. The poll also finds that the most high-profile elected Republican who will remain in office after Trump leaves, Sen. Mitch McConnell, is viewed more negatively than ever before. 

The public overwhelmingly wants to see the Republican Party move on from Trump once he's left office. Overall, just 19% say the party ought to continue to treat Trump as its leader, while 77% say it should move on. Among Republicans, views are split, with 48% saying the party should move on and 47% saying the party should continue to treat Trump as the leader of the party

Please, Please, Please continue supporting the previous pretend president. Support the bast^rd until it DESTROYS your hypocritical lying anti American party. Then we can start a new inclusive, rational, and truly fiscally conservative yet socially liberal party. Which is what a majority of Americans want.

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  1. Years ago Dennis Greene was coach of the Arizona Cardinals in the NFL. The Chicago Bears had just beat them like a drum and he was asked if they had prepared to face the Bears. And his response, calm at first, quickly devolved into a rant saying... "We knew exactly who they were!" It's a famous clip.

    Now we have our own version in the GOP.

    As if on cue, the group that never saw a tax cut they didn't like, no matter how much money it added to the deficit, or had any problem with deficit spending under a Republican president, suddenly believes we mustn't borrow any more money and must begin a trip down austerity lane.

    RN, you know me... I'm by nature fiscally conservative, but sometimes you need to borrow to make sure the ship stays afloat. But the notion, that we've seen since the Reagan Admin, that effectively only the GOP gets to deficit spend is ridiculous.

    Their plan seems to be this... when in office, borrow, cut revenue, continue to spend and when the Dems get control, blame them for higher taxes and refuse to consent to any deficit spending.

    This is the GOP today. Unmoored from any real principles, they exist only for the gain in the moment.

    1. I too am a fiscal conservative. Managing the fiscal affairs of the most powerful and wealthy nation is certainly a horrendous challenge and far from easy. But to my point, my conservative view is raise taxes during growth cycles when unemployment is low to stabilize and reduce debt and DECREASE taxes during reccession, depression, and high unemployment.

      The reason the GOP does not follow this rational common sense policy is because it us ONLY concerned with the wealthy becoming more wealthy. Thus they cut taxes and cut taxes and during high dept and democratic majotity they morph into austerity gurus. They are dishonest, hypocritical, and selfish.

      I was once a republican town committee vice chair. I lost ALL respect for the GOP 16 years ago and will NEVER trust the bastards again.

  2. Sen0ators Graham and McCarthy are the previous corrupt president's lackeys now continuing to DIMINISH his incitement of the Capatol insurrection.

    Target these cultists for DEAFEAT. They are Un-American authoritarian minded swamp creatures.


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