Monday, November 16, 2020

More Untruth From The MAGA Lying Machine At The White House...


  1. If only a grownups were in the White House :

    "President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. warned that a “very dark winter” was ahead and called on Congress to pass an economic stimulus package immediately to help workers struggling to cope with the coronavirus pandemic.

    In his first economic address since winning the election this month, Mr. Biden said he supported a national mask mandate to help curb the rise of the virus and that Congress should provide trillions of dollars in fiscal support to workers, businesses and state and local governments.

    “For millions of Americans who’ve lost hours and wages or have lost jobs, we can deliver immediate relief and it need be done quickly,” Mr. Biden said. “Congress should come together and pass a Covid relief package” along the lines of the $3 trillion bill that House Democrats passed earlier this year.

    Mr. Biden said that combating the virus remained the most urgent matter, however, and called on President Trump to begin the transition process quickly.

    “More people may die, if we don’t coordinate,” he said."

    1. djt has not attended a coronavirus task force meeing in five months and he is no longer being briefed by doctors. Simply stated his narcissim, lack of self awareness, and lack of understandung what leadership requires is exactly why djt has no interest in managing the coronavirus response and why he has been an unmitigated disaster as president.

      President Elect Biden is spot on. Circumstances such as exist today is exactly when the federal government, with its vast resources need to step in and step up to take decisive action. djt has not done nearly enough. By this I also mean his complete lack of example and leadership.

      The billions/trillions being spent is concerning in that our national debt may be approaching unsustainable, and the carrying costs of this debt could very well crush our economy if taxes are not increased on corporations, those making over 500,000 bucks a year, and we refuse to trim the billions spend on special interests and pork barrel speding.

      We must address the immediate health crisis and economic crisis until it is resolved and things return to normalcy, whatever that ultimately means. When normalcy returns we damn well better address the national debt and annual deficits effectively.


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