Here's Our Problem In A Nutshell... BTW Bravo For Dr. Fauci


  1. Fauci did a good job yesterday refuting the politics from an eye doctor. Let's see who we should respect more on infectious diseases... a man who has made it his life's work to understand and battle viruses like Covid and HIV or an eye doctor with his eyes on the politics of the situation.

    I get that Rand Paul has to look, as a representative of the ppl, at politics. Fine. But let's call it that and not mix it up with medicine and real science.

    1. Yes, Fauci did an admirable job of cutting Rand off to make his very valid observation. I used to like Rand Paul, but he has become a political whore and like most all political whores I've lost all respect for the dude.

      I absolutely do not et that anyone has to put politics ahead of truth, doing the the right thing, or the health interests of our people. PERIOD.


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