Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Telling It Like It Is...


  1. Crime is up 400% in the DEMOCRATIC cities, blacks are getting slaughtered and you ask failures to speak? do the millions of black African immigrants trying to get here know how racist we are? Dark and gloomy speech.

    1. Cities generally have more crime than suburban and rural areas. That’s been true for decades if not centuries and is true across the planet. The connection has been the focus of repeated research. In other words, if it were the case that cities were also more prone to elect members of one party over another, it might seem as though the most crime-riddled places in America were a function of leadership from that party.


      Rather than simply repeating what the Demagogue in Chief is mouthing why not educate yourself a bit TOM and look beyond the simple political drumbeat of a [politician politicizing the issue for personal political gain. I realize it is tough for trumpers to do that. But give it a try.

  2. Well Tom... Detroit... lowest crime rates in 20 years except for 2014 and 2015... Source

    Los Angeles... trending lower but increased over 2015... Source

    Chicago... trending lower, but increased over 2015... Source

    Houston... trending lower, but increased over 2015... Source

    Dallas... trending lower, but increased over 2015... Source

    Miami... lowest crime rates since 2003... Source

    Philadelphia... lowest crime rates since 2003... Source

    Tom, it seems the data disproves your statement. I've got the five largest cities in the US listed here, plus a couple of wild cards. All but one of these cities are generally lowering their crime rates. Not one of these cities, with Mayors from both parties, is showing ANY major increases.

    Can you cite any sources that contradict the data I've provided?


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