Monday, May 25, 2020

A Memorial Day Tribute - TheLincoln Project...


  1. I remember those of the Great Generation I called friend: Ken, who froze his feet at
    Bastogne: Bob, who carried the scars and malaria from Guadalcanal: Kenny, whose Nat
    Guard job landed him in New Guinea and the hell from Buna to Moratai: Donny's dad, who
    still lies on Iwo Jima; Duke, the gentle quiet guy who traversed Guadalcanal with
    Carlson's Raiders; Bill, who hauled a BAR from Bouganville to the Phillipines; Stu,
    paratrooper and point man 11th Airborne, Philipines; and tall thin Phil, who was never
    quite at ease after liberating Dachau. I miss them. The country misses them.

  2. Great tribute BB... thanks for posting.


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