Monday, April 27, 2020

The Choice Is Stark, and, Obvious...

WASHINGTON, DC US, April 24, 2020 - Today, The Lincoln Project released a new video entitled, “Two Americans.” The video draws stark comparisons between those who are taking the coronavirus pandemic seriously, and those who back the Trump campaign’s drive to engineer protests in the streets opposing the vital social distancing and stay-at-home guidelines in the states.

“We have seen two different types of Americans emerge through this pandemic,” said Jennifer Horn, co-founder of The Lincoln Project. “There are those who blindly follow President Trump and fight science and fact on the President’s behalf. Then there are the first responders, doctors, nurses who are risking their lives, and everyday Americans who have sacrificed so much for the good of their neighbors. We are now asking everyone to think about which kind of American they are— selfish and angry Trump supporters, or patriots willing to make sacrifices for the good of the country?”
“Trump supporters’ unwavering trust in him will lead to more chaos, confusion, and illness. In a crisis we need a leader who will steer the country toward clarity, unity, and healing—not a leader who aims to sow more discord, hate, and division.”

One among many reasons we must remove Donald J. Trump  from office in November 2020. He is becoming an ever increasing danger to the physicals health of Americans as well as the health of our national character. A character badly marred and scarred by Donald J. Trump, aka Dotard the Dim.

Support Vice President Joseph Biden for a REAL president come 2021 and beyond. Americans that love their country and our democratic republic have no choice but to unite behind Biden and the democratic slate across the board if we're to have a chance to excise the cancer Donald J. Trump put on steriods in 2015 when he announced his initial campaign.


  1. I will agree that Restaurant’s, Bars, and Sports Aeneas are places that should be SHUT DOWN, but businesses like Super Markets, Doctors Offices, like grocery stores and healthcare facilities do, and should be counted as essential during a shutdown. Basic necessities such as food, water, sanitation items like Toilet Paper, transportation, essential non-operations, healthcare, banks, etc… are needed to keep the country running. However, the point has been made time and time again, with everyone crowding in a large busy supermarket, how is this different from people socially distanced in the workplace such as in office cubicles or working outdoors in the fresh air?, but many workplaces can institute ways to screen employees who might have COVID-19 and cut off the public from coming through in certain jobs so it’s you and per-screened coworkers. Hospitals, which are required are to remain open.

    Even if one could argue that still wouldn’t work, why do liquor stores for example get to be open? Getting drunk is not essential ! Alcoholics whining about their cravings does NOT count as a need for survival? A need is not simply what you want to whine about the most, or is merely a convenience. The need to get Americans back to work and earning outweighs many of the risks of dying from COVID-19 for many able bodied healthy people. Millions die from the flu every flu season, and nobody has ever made a stink over that!.
    However, I can not agree with the police ticketing Church members $500 for attending services. There has got to be another way. There is even talk of the possibility of tracking down each and everyone who does having their license plates traced , to give them fines.
    I even heard that quarantine orders and threatening the Pastor with arrest is a possibility that Andrew Cuomo has been considering

    1. Completely agree that all essential businesses must remain open, and, you've done a good job covering then. It is also sensible for those businesses that can structure work settings so social distancing is possible. A phased in carefully monitored reopening is possible if all Americans adhere to the common sense precautions folks have been talking about.

      A $500 fine does seem a bit draconian. But on the other hand if there is no fear of retribution by those who choose to ignore the safety precautions that protect others from infection then they have no reason to stop. It is not essential to go to Church to worship or pray. For the believers God can hear your concerns and prays even if your sitting on the john. God just doesn't care if you're not in Church with a reverend or a priest.

      I am sensitive to the possibility that government may at some point overreact and put in place regulations and restrictions that infringe on the legitimate liberties of Americans. If and when that happens I'll be as vocal against that as I am against DtD.

      Thanks for stopping in Howard. Feel free anytime. The only folks that get a comeuppance are the trumper cultists that have nothing but nonsensical BS or bald faced lies

      Be safe- Be well

  2. RN... missing from a lot of discussions about Biden is this... the sexual harassment accusation against him.

    If a Republican had an accuser who had told ppl when it happened, and we had proof of that, as we do in the Biden case when the woman's mom called Larry King and another friend whom she lived with, Dems would be all over it. If Biden was GOP, he'd be getting crucified by the Dems.

    I don't think he survives. And of he does, the Dems will forever be tarnished on this.

    1. Yes Dave it is problematic and it is possible that Biden won't survive. But, Dorard the Dim has what, 20 or so credible allegations of sexual muscondyct/harrassment. What did we hear from trumpers and the GOP? CRICKETS. That is what we heard.DtD skated and DtD actuall bragged about grabbing women by the pussy, that he could do anuthing because he eas a star. The amoral jackass even bragged that he could shoot somebody on 5th Avenue and get away with it.

      Now I totally disapprove of sexual harassment or sexual misconduct of any kind. But DtD and his con evangelicals, his GOP supporters, and the national GOP have zero credibility in saying anything about Biden. PERIOD. If the hypocrits don't take action to dump DtD they have no right to criticize Biden.

      But yes the dems do have a problem. One I hope they address honestly with great transparency. If that means replacing Biden with Sanders on the ticket so be it. If there is truth to this and the dems do nothing - well, then they'd be no better than the GOP.

  3. RN... what would transparency on this look like for the Dems? Sexual harassment is to the Dems as lack of morality is to the GOP. If you demand 100% fealty, you can bet someone in your tribe will not measure up. Then what do you do? Think Pres Clinton... for years the Women's Movement said it was impossible for an employee to give consent to a boss because of the power dynamic inherent in the relationship. Yet when Monica came forward, somehow they lost that idealism, and I would argue, hurt their credibility. Just as has happened with Christianity. For years we have heard from the likes of Jerry Falwell and James Dobson that it was impossible to be immoral and be an effective leader. But then along came Trump.

    The Dems are in a classic Catch-22. They can either ignore the charges, and forever surrender what high ground they still have and alienate lots of young voters, or they can dump Biden and throw the party, and the election into chaos.

    Hemlock or a blade?

    1. I hope I don't lapse into a long winded philosophically meandering response Dave but here's how I see it.

      A) Under no circumstance is unsolicited unwanted sex acceptable. PERIOD.

      B) Humans by nature are sexual. This is true for both men and women.

      C) Humans, for several rational reasons determined wanton sex at will was both undesireable and by many religous standards of conduct sinful.

      D) If 2 consenting adults agree to engage in sexual activity then why does anybody care?

      E) Society, primarily because of jealousy and or religous beliefs determined sex outside of the marital relationship is immoral (WJC & Monica).

      F) Men heretofore have been the voices determining what is acceptable behavior and unacceptable behavior (think DtD and his grab em by the pussy quip).

      G)This issue in a broad sense will be around long after we're pushing up daisies.

      So Dave, it IS still my posistion that if we accept societal norms and Biden in FACT acted inappropriately as alledged (lets have a hearing (trail), jugdement, and a remedy based on testimony (facts)) then let the chips fall ad they may. If it results in a bit of turmoil so be it. At least democrats perhaps continue to hold the high ground. If they chose to ignore or justify the behavior then- well, you fill in the blank space...

  4. RN... here's a searing set of quotes that highlights the Dems problem on this with Biden...

    Dems on when to believe a survivor

    1. 27 years ago- yeah, Justice Kavanagh. Dems have a problem. How they navigate this WILL determine the party's credibility now and for years to come.


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