Monday, April 13, 2020

Maybe We Shouldn't Cast All Blame On Trump... Then Again... ... ...

THE BULWARK - Thinking back to the beginning of the year, the conventional wisdom was that if President Trump survived impeachment, the GOP would probably be able to ride a good economy through the summer and be competitive in the November elections. That was the old world, pre-pandemic.

In the span of a few weeks, more than 13,000 Americans have died from the novel coronavirus and 10 million jobs disappeared. Over the last 12 weeks, what President Trump says and does can no longer be brushed off as “Trump being Trump.” His reluctance to listen to experts, to honestly relay data, and to attack those who question his wild assertions isn’t opera buffa anymore. It’s tragedy. People have died because of it. Lives have been ruined.

Yet many incumbent Republicans, seeking to don the political version of PPE, are trying to avoid taking any stances that counter whatever Trump is saying in the moment—let alone criticize him. Instead, they claim that “this isn’t a time for politics.”

If only that was true.

Politicians are managing this crisis, which means that the politics matter now, more than ever. And decrying the existence of politics is, itself, a political gambit. Republicans ought to know this, because the strategy was honed by Senate Majority Leader McConnell.
Trump is the party leader. At one time what are now his most staunch supporters spoke quite disparagingly of the "man" they now pay the utmost fealty to. Trump is a monster, and a very psychologically and emotionally ill one at that. One has to question the emotional and psychological health of the majority of the GOP in the house and senate as well.


  1. Dotard has suspended WHO funding and is blaming the WHO for HIS failures.

    Dotard is a pathetic little lying weasel that deserves to be trounced by 20% this coming November.

  2. Dotard was warned of the possible pandemic by intelligence community. Warnings Dotard ignored for way too long.

    Dotard is a liar. An ass. And a gross INCOMPETENT. He has proven it with his inept actions and his OVER 18,000 lies since becoming Dotard the Ignorant I.

  3. Wee donnie Dotard the raging orange toddler said he is going to hold governors responsible to submit reopening plans. He's now saying maybe before May 1 for some.

    Really rich, hold governors responsible. The only one who has been irresponsible is Dotard himself. And a few sycophant GOP governors blowing kisses of support for Dotard.

  4. Dotard is once again showing in his daily (coronavirus) campaign style rally
    briefing he's way out of his league. A fish out of water. A beached whale. A raging orange toddler. A total embarrassment to our country.

    1. Another Bird-brained idiot liberal having their brain void of reasonable judgement again. Enjoy not having a backbone for another 4 years of President Trump!

    2. You certainly are entitled to your opinion. Reasonable Judgement is lacking. ROFLMAO! When it comes to reasonable judgment all anyone needs to know is if a person supports Dotard. If the answer is you them we KNOW that person has NO reasonable judgment.

      Now, high tail it back to franco's or WYD's cesspool of con and evangelical delusions.

  5. RN... Is it all Trump's fault? Not at all. I'd say not nearly at all. Here's why...

    The virus, like Katrina, was an external event. It came to us.

    Now, surely the Trump Admin, under his direction has been lax and dishonest at every chance to act proactively. But we all expected that didn't we? People knew this would happen when he was elected. Republicans knew this would happen during the campaign. Look at how Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz and others described him during that campaign. They were either lying then, hoping to beat him, or are lying now, hoping to please him.

    Has Pres trump stumbled? Yes he has. But it is his enablers who are most at fault. Those who foresaw this behavior and enabled it. Those who have seen it happen first hand, like Gens McMaster and Mattis, former Sec State Tillis, former COS Gen Kelly and advisor Cohn. These are the people who, in my opinion, are at fault.

    Because they could be the spine the rest of the GOP eels could use to force change for the betterment of America.

    A snake can't change its nature, but you can cut the head of that snake off and render it harmless. Those in a position to do so have chosen, for whatever reason, do not do so.

    They, the great majority of GOP Senators, Congressmen and former Admin officials, are the real villains in this ongoing drama.

    1. Well Dave, I cannot disagree with your analyisis.

      Dotard might be a hopeless sack of human rubbish but you're correct. If it were not for his sycophant republican supporters both in and out of government Dotard would undoubtedly be history. And if there was any real justice he would be locked behind bars with the key thrown away.

      The GOP is no longer a political party with values and principles. It has become a cult of personality and rampant chaos led by a moron suffering from extreme narcissim and a character of rampant dishonesty.

  6. RN... more than anything, the military men have left me stunned. They have taken an oath of office multiple times as they've moved up the ladder of command and responsibility.

    Did that oath mean nothing? How can they sit idly by and not speak up?

    1. I don't know Dave. I suppose even the military has its less patriotic
      officers that view loyalty to Dotard as a necessity to insure job security. That and some military officers and generals like the saber rattling and tough guy talk Dotard is known for.

      Other than that... I haven't a clue Dave.

  7. 4/16/2020 - with egg on his face Dotard acknowledged in this evening's Covid-19 task force briefing that governors are in fact IN CHARGE and CALLING the SHOTS on when to reopen their stats. He also actually sounded almost presidential for a change. What's up with that? Somebody maybe got to him?

    What say you?

  8. 4/17/2019 - So, today, 1 day after the raving orange toddler in a man's body said governors could call the shots on reopening their states has tweeted to LIBERATE states where governors have stay at home orders. This folks amounts to a call to violence by his sycophant con idiots who support the imbecile on EVERYTHING Dotard dreams up in his sick evil mind. Make no mistake, the orange shit will be responsible for any and all violent acts that result from his call to VIOLENCE.

  9. RN... what exactly is Pres Trump doing here? Michigan does not meet Trump's own guidelines to reopen so why is he encouraging the protestors there? Is he purposely trying to incite, rather than tamp down, civil unrest?

    If so, is he violating his oath of office?

    1. The answer, at least in my mind, is a yes. He has as you say hollowed out the federal gubermint (which is what it has become under GOP control), tilted the SCOTUS to the hard right, consistently and intentionally spread misinformation and false information, intentionally creates division in the country to juice up his base, operates using the divide and conquer MO, and on and on.

      IMO Dotard does not care one iota about his oath of office. He cares only about control, power, wealth, and himself. Anything that APPEARS as if he cares is only window dressing to con the dupes who support no matter what he does.

      Sorry but that is EXACTLY how I observe the "man". Note that I use the term man extremely loosely in Dotards case.

  10. 4/18/2020 - Just watched Dotard's White House Campaign Rally, aka coronavirus briefing. Very short on public health specifics and VERY long on bullshit and stoking his base. In short, a total waste of time and oxygen.

  11. Any time that you breath it’s a TOTAL WASTE OF OXYEN!

  12. 4/20/2020 - Well, with Dotard supporting the protesters rather than supporting HIS OWN GUIDLINES Georgie and Tennessee governors are PREMATURELY opening up their states. This GRAPHICALLY shows Dotard really is more concerned about the stock market and his reelection than he is aboit dying people.

    Remember that America when deaths turn upward and those state will be back to where they started from.


    BIDEN 2020!


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