Myths To Shed In Favor Of These Universal Truths...

Myth 1: You deserve your lot.

Universal truth: Love is your birthright; you don’t need to earn it.

Myth 2: You’re selfish if you love yourself.

Universal truth: You can’t love anyone else unless you love yourself first.

Myth 3: Anything can happen in real love.

Universal truth: You can’t love another unconditionally until you love yourself unconditionally.

Myth 4: We’re not okay.

Universal truth: We’re born perfect in every way.

Myth 5: Health care holds the key to our health.

Universal truth: Seeking guidance and deciding on the best course of action lies in your hands. 

Myth 6: It’s all coincidence.

Universal truth: We’re part of one big, cosmic whole that’s intricately connected.

Myth 7: Sins are paid at the time of death.

Universal truth: Only unconditional love and compassion exists on the other realm.

Myth 8: Spiritual people are devoid of egos.

Universal truth: The ego is necessary for survival in the physical world and not an enemy that needs to be overcome.

Myth 9: Women are weaker than men.

Universal truth: Both gender are needed to make a complete and balanced whole.

Myth 10: Always remain positive.

Universal truth: Pushing negative thoughts away don’t make them disappear.

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