A Net Negative For Trump, 56% Disapproval......


  1. And now we hear that Pres Trump approved this 7 months ago, making his public pronouncements of an imminent threat pure make believe. Even his Sec Def had to admit that Trump simply "Believes" the threat to be imminent, as he said he'd seen no intelligence to support the claim.

    1. Knowing all we know about Trump how ANYONE still believes ANYTHING the "man" says is astonishing.

      Trump is a self-serving egomaniac with no ethics or morals. Other than himself.

  2. ...and just think, he's gonna be reelelected in Nov.. damn, that's really going to piss you folks off

  3. Well Rusty, I'm on record saying exactly that. But that's what elections are for. It's always tough for a party to dislodge an incumbent, especially with the economy in good shape.


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