Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Rationalization and or Hypocrisy...

An editor at The Christian Post has abruptly quit the publication after it aligned itself with Donald Trump as part of a spiraling evangelical Christian civil war. Another evangelical newspaper, Christianity Today, slammed the president as “immoral” and called for his removal from office last weekend, prompting a backlash and recriminations within the evangelical community. Journalist Napp Nazworth, who has worked for The Christian Post website since 2011 and sits on the website’s editorial board as politics editor, tweeted: “Today, rather abruptly, I was forced to make the difficult choice to leave The Christian Post. They decided to publish an editorial that positions them on Team Trump. I can’t be an editor for a publication with that editorial voice.” Trump called Christianity Today “a far-left magazine,” after its attack on him.  (SOURCE)

Fact is the Evangelical Church has sold its soul to Satan. To rationalize, as the Evangelicals have done, that the corrupt immoral Donald J.Trump is anything but pure evil is to ignore the reams of documented evidence that shows he stands against almost everything Christ is said to have represented. If not everything.

Perhaps Evangelicals supporting Trump who rationalize his actions as being in the service of God will find themselves in a special "heaven" alone with their cult leader Donald J. Trump.

 Wouldn't that be nice? 

Oh, almost forgot. Kudos are in order for any Evangelical that is true to their faith and the teachings of Christ. There are too few who do. Unfortunately.

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