Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Truth Is Found Within, Without The Noise......

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  1. Funny how few entertain, let alone seriously discuss these concepts. Perhaps that is at the heart of the national problems we face.

    Repubs and conservatives pretend they are the party of family values and integrity and democrats pretend they are the party of inclusion and progress. The jury is still out on both.

    Looking at this as a follow up to my immediately previous post one could conclude that the more things change the more they stay the same. That's how it looks anyway.

    Frankly, it it quite likely that before the next 150 years pass the USA will unravel and become a fraction of what it was in 1960. Such has been the ultimate fate of EVERY western and eastern power the world has ever known. Why would ANYONE think the United States of America would be any different?

    tRump, The Yuuuuuge Orange Turd president, is just a player in our national decline, albeit one who is increasing the intensity and speed of the decline.

    Intelligence does not automatically insure wisdom. Our leaders are by and large intelligent people. Many, perhaps most, are severely lacking in wisdom. Politicians who are elected, like the rest of us, are only human, and therefore fallible. That and most of them become drunk with power once they become entrenched in the system they control.

    Our glory days are well behind us. We have voted, and voted, and voted, and voted,... until here we are with absolutely no idea as to how to right the ship.

    And the beat goes on.


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