Wednesday, November 7, 2018

2018 Mid Terms Are In The Books... And the Insanity Will Continue... ...

The Capitol at sunset on Election Day 2018.CreditCreditSarah Silbiger/The New York Times

Now that the 2018 mid term election is over, with the House returning to a slim democratic majority and the Senate gaining two seats we can expect deadlock and gridlock for the next two years. Which is to say that much isn't going to get done in DC. Sometimes change just keeps things pretty much the same. That's how we see it anyway.

Yeah, I know Mueller has more allies in positions of power in the House. That's all good and well. But given the two years of investigation and millions and millions of dollars spent we've got very little bang for our buck really. My thoughts are lots of little fish might fry but the Yuuuge Orange Tuna in the swamp swims away. Free and unscathed in the end. Lack of sufficient evidence to impeach and convict I suspect.

Fact is tRump is really still sitting pretty politically. With the democrats in the House obstructing his every move, and you know they will (payback for the Obama years), any and everything that goes wrong will be painted as the democratic House's fault. Especially if the economy cools off and starts heading south. And, the Senate has tRump's back as well as the SCOTUS is a conservative/republican majority now.

Further the Sessions firing, and make no mistake he was fired regardless of the official line he gave his resignation, is timed for effect. This of course has been tRump's plan for at least a year. As one would expect tRump has appointed an interim AG that is no friend of Mueller and thinks defunding his investigation would be the dandy thing to do. Timing is everything... you can take it from there. But our guess is tRump is going after Mueller. Timing is everything.

tRump and his uneducated conservative/evangelical base will continue to demonize immigration. With the Democrats now holding the purse strings his wall will most definitely not get funding, thus ending his wet dream of a great big beautiful American wall. Blaming democrats for failing to protect our southern border will be his strategy in 2020. tRump will be tossing out a lot of red meat for his cultists to feast on.

We could go on as the list is almost endless. But shoveling against the tide is tedious, produces no satisfaction, keeps one in an endless loop of pointless argumentation, wastes time that can be better spent on other productive things, causes anxiety and stress, and at the end of the day things are right where they were when the day started. Insanity at its finest I'd say. That's Congress, that's America, and it ain't ever going to change folks.

In closing... Its been real and its been fun. But it sure as hell hasn't been real fun.

Goodnight... Run silent and run deep.

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