Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Looking For Feedback From Conservatives and Neo Nazis...

We here at Rational Nation USA know how much the extreme right wing of the Republican party and those circulating within the neo Nazi crowd love to blow their gaskets over rational thought and reasonable practices. Therefore, we encourage you all to visit a rational and sane sight. It's sure to get your blood pressure up and your blood a boiling.

Please feel free to leave a comment either here or THERE. whichever you might prefer.

We genuinely look forward to your conservative and neo Nazi rants.

Have a great day and MAGA!


  1. Tomorrow's post... Lunacy Personified... The Alt Right Speaks.

  2. I have visited "RNUSA too" and can confirm that I did sight a site that's rational. Does not seem to be a high bar in the era of Trump, however. In the past the site I sighted was, IMO, a tad less rational. But I guess that's because Trump and his followers are so irrational. Opposition to Trump is bringing together those who previously disagreed. Also driving apart some who used to agree, however. Travel over to the site of one Willis Hart and you'll see a sight that could not be described as sane (the site proprietor's citing of concerns about "anti-White hostility" and a possible "race war").

  3. It is not just Trump, the GOP has become unrecognizable and is no longer a viable political party.IMO.

    Does Will get any comments from his blog "members"? Last time I was over there several months ago it didn't appear as though he does. Maybe he is the only member.


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