Saturday, January 28, 2017

So, What's True?...

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We’re hearing a great deal about alternative facts, fake news, that the media is the opposition party, as well as a steady stream of hyperbole and platitudes casting the other side as the side that a engages in undesirable and unethical behavior.  In fact neither the conservative or liberal media, conservative or liberal politicians are immune from bias.

 Bias is something all people are prone to. An individual’s environment, his upbringing, education, career path, and indeed the total of one’s life experiences shapes their biases. As a person ages and gains experience their biases can change.  Bias is a powerful driver on how we view reality and the world.

Another factor that often works in forming a person’s bias is their own self-interest. It is this writer’s contention that politicians are heavily affected by their own personal self-interests and as a result fail to serve their constituency honestly as they should.

To expect journalists as well as others in the media to be immune from bias is naïve. However, good journalists and newscasters are acutely aware of their own bias and are able to separate facts from bias and emotion. They fully understand their role is to honestly report facts that are supported by verifiable evidence.

Unfortunately not every journalist and newscaster, or news organization for that matter, holds themselves to the highest journalistic standards. For whatever reason (usually money or political agenda) they make the decision to play to their own biases as well as those of the American people and allow themselves to compromise the truth.

The graphics below illustrates the above I think. Truth is generally found at the center (middle) or somewhere near the center. The further you move from center in journalism and politics the more bias is at play. Extreme political ideologies are supported my extremely biased journalists and reporters and more often than not there is little truth in what either write or say.
Pay attention to both the X and Y axis.


  1. I've been around since before Pearl Harbor and through the years watched the ebb and flow of American history. From my perspective, I always felt
    middle of the road, but the last few decades, the flow seems particularly to the right. In that regards, the instructive chart of
    news sources made me stop and think: while the far right news sources
    are very familiar, I have never heard of those on the far left. Having
    been accused of linking most statements or observations, which I admit,
    having worked in the sciences, is a bad least I always link
    to either centrist articles or those news organizations shown in the middle of the chart. To do other would compromise my persona standards.
    Nice find, that chart. Much appreciated.

    1. The credit for the find goes to my son Patrick. He had it up on his Facebook page and after a productive discussion I asked if I could use it. It and our discussion got me thinking. Talking with him always does.

  2. RN -- "...politicians are heavily affected by their own personal self-interests and as a result fail to serve their constituency honestly as they should."

    True! And it is the voters' responsiblity to vote the politicians out of office when they do not "serve their constituency honestly as they should." That is a responsibility the voters have failed to uphold nearly as often as they should have, in my humble opinion.

    1. I find it almost amusing that voters have such a low approval rating of congress and its critters, 19% at last check, yet they continue to vote for continuation of the stalemate (gridlock) they profess to despise.

      In this age of fake news and alternative facts it is only going to get worse. Unless trump unwittingly mobilizes rational voters of ALL political persuasions to revolt against his Caligula like leadership.

      trump is a pox on our democratic republic and the alt-right fake news conspiracy theorists of Breitbart, InfoWars, The Daily Caller, Hannity of Fox News, and etc. are only going to drive the insanity.

      Finding the middle ground where rational people meet to discuss serious issues is getting increasingly more difficult.

    2. RN, I suspect that if you ask people if they like their own representatives, you will,get a much higher rating than 19%. It is the "other peoples'" representatives that are bad.

    3. Of course. So much for critical inspection of issues and voting records.

      I admit to being guilty of less than full awareness from time to time. 😞

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  4. I like that graph. It gets to a fundamental problem we have in this country right now - lack of media savvy. We have too few people digesting news at all, and too many who are but do not understand why they are getting what news, in what form, from who.


  5. The new official news organ reports that people refused to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Perhaps it was the new one-
    "I pledge allegiance to Emperor Trump
    and to Breitbart nation, which he stole,
    one nation, under the EvangaFundy God,
    now divided, with power for the GOP,
    liberty for the chosen few,
    and to hell with the rest." ---perhaps.

    1. I like it BB Idaho! It is funny and yet it sadly rings true in the age of alternative facts and Trumpism.

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