Friday, January 27, 2017

Running Trump File Day 4 and More.

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Today, just a few interesting links. Applied for Social Security retirement benefits and Medicare online today (easy but more time consuming than advertised), and now it is time to celebrate. First I'm putting up what I think are a few interesting articles and then off to Iron Duke Brewery for the best brews in Western Massachusetts. Of course the drinking will be responsible and the conversation lively.

The end of Sarah Palin is here


Mexico's Vicente Fox to Trump: We are 'ready for the trade war'

Who could've guessed?

Trump and the Republicans Are on a Suicide Mission Together


Mikhail Gorbachev: ‘It All Looks as if the World Is Preparing for War’

It sure does look that way Mikhail. Throttle down with trump's foot on the gas pedal.

New U.S. U.N. envoy warns allies: back us or we'll take names

Here it comes, the bully threatens!

Have a great weekend all.


  1. Its sad the obstructionists and puerile malcontents continue in their vitriol and self-pity through what seems to be a positive turnaround in terms of the economy and application of the law. Luckily, the new administration is ignoring them and moving on productively.

    1. Thanks for your input. Even without any evidence of what you claim to be true your opinions are always welcome as long as they are respectful of our other visitors.

      Starting a trade war is positive how exactly?

      trump is on a pace to eclipse Obama's executive orders. Is that good?

      How precisely has trump applied the law thus far?

      Time will tell just what the effects of his shoot from the lip and hip methods will be.

      We hope it all turns out well but are betting it won't.

    2. Les, "peurile malcontents" meaning of course "the duly elected political opposition acting in according with the powers of their office"

      And "moving on productively" meaning one man doing what he wants, moving along at a furious, ermmm Fuhrer-ous pace.

      Kaisfriend has no concept of democracy and rational thought, and seems to think things are better if we roll back civilization to where a king rules all. Or even further to when cave man with biggest club is the most awesomest.

    3. I am not familiar with Kaisfriend, this being his first time here. I suspect he would have been a brown shirt in a bygone era in a different country. But, as I am not familiar with him don't want to prematurely or too harshly judge. judge.

    4. Good point, Les. I should not assume that Kaiser is TOM/Luke/Fake-Sue's 87th sock puppet.

  2. "Mikhail Gorbachev: ‘It All Looks as if the World Is Preparing for War’"

    I'm not giving a lot of credence to Gorby at this point. Like Putin and Will Hart, he supports the right of the new Russian empire to pillage and rape and plunder Ukraine at will.

    1. In my mind two distinct issues. I agree with your point relative to the Ukraine. However, it's not our "sphere of influence". But speaking out is fine.

  3. Kaisfriend complains of 'obstructionists'. True, we have seen that in
    spades for 8 years of the former administration. Legitimate concern about
    a flood of executive orders in the first week of the circus administration pales in comparison. We ponder that 'puerile malcontents' probably did not take VN deferments, fail to pay their taxes or run around grabbing ass like a 'penile maladministrator'.

    1. All good points BB Idaho. We'll have to wait and see if Kaisfriend returns to expound further on his comment.

    2. He will, under the name of TOM.


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