Friday, January 6, 2017

More Trump On Russian Hacking During Presidential Campaign

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Here we go again. President elect Trump with more of his clownish assertions. This in regard to Russian hacking during the presidential campaign.

The New York Times - President-elect Donald J. Trump said in an interview Friday morning that the storm surrounding Russian hacking during the presidential campaign is a political witch hunt being carried out by his adversaries, who he said were embarrassed by their loss to him in the election last year.

Mr. Trump spoke to The New York Times by telephone three hours before he was set to be briefed by the nation’s top intelligence and law enforcement officials about the Russian hacking of American political institutions. In the conversation, he repeatedly criticized the intense focus on Russia.


Mr. Trump, who has consistently expressed doubts about the evidence of Russian hacking during the election, did so again on Friday. Asked why he thought there was so much attention being given to the Russian cyberattacks, the president-elect said the motivation was political.

“They got beaten very badly in the election. I won more counties in the election than Ronald Reagan,” Mr. Trump said during an eight-minute telephone conversation. “They are very embarrassed about it. To some extent, it’s a witch hunt. They just focus on this.”


Mr. Trump said he was looking forward to his meeting Friday afternoon about the hacking by James R. Clapper Jr., the director of national intelligence; James B. Comey, the F.B.I. director, and other intelligence officials. He said that Mr. Clapper “wrote me a beautiful letter a few weeks ago wishing me the best.”

But he said that “a lot of mistakes were made” by the intelligence community in the past, noting in particular the attacks on the World Trade Center and saying that “weapons of mass destruction was one of the great mistakes of all time.”

Of course the growing intelligence supports the likelihood of Russian tampering with the US election.


  1. It seems likely Russia was involved. From what I've heard, the hacking organizations (Fancy Bear and Cozy Bear) get the instructions and, in exchange for results, the Russian government looks the other way re their other hacking activities. So, they don't have any official connection to the Russian government. That is why (I guess) Julian Assange can say the hacked material didn't come from the Russian government. BTW, in regards to the hacking, former RNUSA commenter Willis Hart is with Assange and Trump, in that they all say our intelligence agencies are lying. Yes, the CIA said Iraq had WMD, but that was because Cheney leaned on them to get the intelligence the bushies wanted. Here we have multiple agencies all saying Russia was behind the hacks. I think they are probably telling the truth. Proof that's the case is Trump's lying about revealing info others don't know and the day he said he do so coming and going.

    1. Yeah, Will is a scarier and scarier. Last time I looked at his blog he was praising the Serbian invasion and genocide against Kosovo.

      And Will has never met one of Putin's aggressive conquests that he didn't like.

      Are you still reading there regularly, Dervish?

  2. I know you didn't ask me but I'm weighing in anyway. I quit checking in on Contra O'Reilly long ago. He left for his alternative reality and that did it for me.

    He never did understand the concept of rational long term self interest at any level. I've started thinking not a lot of people on the right do.

  3. I know you didn't ask me, but you are always welcome to weigh in. Of course!

  4. I might be the only one who reads his blog.

    Also, rereading what I wrote above, I don't care for the wording of my last sentence. If I could edit, I'd change it to "Proof that's the case is Trump's lying about revealing info others don't know and the day he said he WOULD do so coming and going". Still a little clumsy, but I'll leave my editing (which I can't do) to the insertion of one word.

    I wrote that before the public version of the intelligence report was released, btw. Apparently even Trump acknowledges that Russia "tried" to influence the election. The report specifically leaves out a conclusion as to whether or not they succeeded. Trump lies about the report saying a conclusion IS included that says there was zero effect. I doubt anyone but the dupes believe that. It obviously was a factor. Trump's lies are so dumb. Still hard to believe he will be president. I predict he will be worse than gwb (a high bar).

    1. There is little doubt, at least in my mind, that DJT will be worse than GWB. Much, much worse.


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