Thursday, January 19, 2017

May PEOTUS Trump Reap That Which He Has Sowed...

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This weblog shares the sentiments of the author of the following open letter to PEOTUS Donald J. Trump. Bob Weidman expresses what nearly 63% of the American people are thinking tonight to one degree or another. Mr. Weidman’s open letter was published in The Huffington Post earlier this evening.

Dear Mr. Trump:

On the eve of your inauguration, and with all due respect to the office of the Presidency you are soon to hold, the deference you have earned, and the essential decency of the American people:

Fuck you, you fucking fuck.

I wish there were other words, but these are trying times, and trying times call for honesty, a concept with which you are clearly unacquainted. And I have to say what’s in my heart. So fuck you, you fucking fuck.

I am not going to pretend there is anything normal about your presidency. I am not going to pretend that you are entitled to respect. You are entitled to nothing. Not a chance to prove yourself, not an ounce of trust. Your actions since the election have destroyed whatever good will I may have been inclined to extend.

You are trying to divide the American people, and I will not have it. We are all Americans, regardless of whether we support you, or hate you, or belittle you, or are working to destroy you. You have a responsibility to build bridges and find common ground and act in the interest of the American people. All of the American people. And everything you have done since your election has betrayed this foundational American principle. You are an embarrassment and a disgrace to our country and everything it stands for. You are a clown, a laughingstock to the world, a pathetic
little man. And I will fight you.

I’m sick of seeing you on TV. I’m sick of looking at you and your tiny sausage fingers. I’m sick of reading about your golden showers. I’m sick of the bullshit and the lies and the corruption and the hate and the stupidity.

Through your actions over the course of the campaign and since the election, you have demonstrated clearly who you are:

You are fake news.
You are not legitimate.
You have sacrificed nothing.
You are a false celebrity.
You are a sufferer of micropenis.
You are all talk and no action.
You are a tiny fraction of the man John Lewis is.
You are the puppet.
You are crooked.
You are corrupt as the day is long.And tomorrow you will be President - start fucking acting like it.

By the time you read this, as President of the United States, you will be a public servant (a term I’m sure you despise). And that means you work for us. All of us: Muslim Americans and Hispanic Americans and Jewish Americans and African Americans and LGBTQ Americans and female Americans and Americans with disabilities and Native Americans and urban Americans and immigrant Americans and sick Americans and poor Americans. Whether we voted for you or not. And we will not be divided. Every day that you are working to divide us, I will be working to ensure that your agenda to destroy the America I love fails. I will be working to make America great again - like it was under President Obama. And I will be looking forward to the day when I can open the pages of the mainstream media you hate and read the headline in the largest possible type “YOU’RE FIRED.” I doubt it will take four years.

In the meantime, fuck you. Fuck Mike Pence. Fuck Steve Bannon. Fuck Rex Tillerson and Betsy DeVos and Scott Pruitt and the rest of the deplorables in your cabinet. Fuck your Supreme Court nominee preemptively. Fuck Donald Jr. and fuck Eric (especially Eric). And fuck everyone else who is helping you to eviscerate everything that makes this country great. All of you can go fuck yourselves, and then go fuck yourselves again, and fuck yourselves one last time for good measure.

Resistance is not a right. It is not a privilege. It is an obligation. It is a patriotic duty and a sacred oath we all share as Americans. And it has never been more needed than right now.

I will not fight for the crumbs you throw while you enrich yourself and the 1% at the expense of everyone else. I will not passively observe as you erode rights and freedoms that make us Americans. I will not be silent as you victimize the most vulnerable among us. I will not stand back while you destroy America.

Until you can demonstrate that you are working for everyone in this country, that you respect the American people, that you respect the constitution and our laws and shared history and decency and the truth, I will hold you in the contempt you so richly deserve. And I will say it loud for the world to hear:

Fuck you, you fucking fuck.

Now on to the business at hand. Tomorrow we march.


Bob Weidman

Indeed, until such time as Donald J. Trump puts the long term rational and best interests of the American people, and I mean ALL of the American people, ahead of his narcissism and his own special interests let the resistance begin.


  1. As you correctly said, these are the sentiments of a majority of Americans. Whatever little goodwill Trump may have had after he won the Electoral College, he squandered it with his undignified and childish tweeting and his continued lying and dissembling. The American people got a real good look at what it means to be a sore winner, and that's what Trump is. He hasn't an ounce of graciousness or human decency in him, and he isn't going to acquire any of that at age 70. He is what he is: a thin-skinned narcissistic bully, ignorant in how to govern.

  2. Mr. Weidman seem's to be a tad frustrated over the pasting the dems received in Nov.. I guess it's finally hit him the Democratic Party has absolutely zero political power. First they lost The House, then The Senate, then the topper, a real estate developer/reality T.V. star took The White House from them. If I was in Weidman I very well may be dropping F bombs also. Weidman may become suicidal in 2018 because it looks like the dems will lose a minimum of four more Senate seats.

  3. Oh yea, I forgot. Does anyone have Harry Reid's home address? I never much cared for the creepy little bastard, but I'd like to drop him a thank you note. I want to thank him for triggering the nuclear option when he was senate majority leader thereby eliminating the need for a 60 vote super majority and making a 51 vote simple majority the level fro passage. Thank you Harry.

  4. A 37% approval going in is something to be proud of I agree. As his approval has slowly declined among Americans his confidence (and yours) has ballooned. A very welcome development, one we encourage the PEOTUS (and you) to continue to cultivate.

    When #45 begins his reign we wish him well. At the same time we will be here to shine the light on the anticipated impact he will have on American life.

    Enjoy the coronation of your PEOTUS as he "Makes America Great Again".

  5. Oh Lester, you guys lost the House,Senate and W.H.. Now since you all are more or less eunuchs the only thing you have is an approval rating to focus on. The only approval rating Pres. Trump actually needs is a majority in the House and Senate.

  6. Oh rusty, you wear your love of authoritarian governance on your shirt sleeve. As does PEOTUS Trump. Soon we will have military parades in DC. Parades to show off our military might. PEOTUS has apparently learned from North Korea, Russia, China, Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany etc.

    Now rusty, time to get new material.

  7. On the eve of the inhogurination, it is only appropriate for my fellow white people to hear the way that brown people felt about Scrooge McDuck way before he was ever elected.

    Warning to younger readers. Some profanity and violence.

    There isn't very much that can actually take away the pain not of the opiate family of drugs.

  8. Eat your hearts out today and for the next 8 years

    1. Thanks for stopping by. It just occurred to me Political Chic that your initials are PC.

      We are definitely entering a new era. One in which a new and vile PC will reign.

      Don't let yourself get to confident on the 8 year thing. The RESISTANCE starts TODAY.

  9. Rusty correctly identifies the situation: there is no balance of power; one party controls all three branches of government. If they prove as I suspect, without conscience, the remaining balance is the electorate. Let's hope they do better than Germany in 1933.

    1. It's early yet. Indications however are they won't.

  10. Even the Star Spangled Banner was sung correctly instead of being BUTCHERED by some no-talent ass-wipe.

    I HATE it when those scumbags always try to put their own personal touch on the World's greatest Song, by scratching their crotch or whatever!

    1. Resident Trump's inaugural address had no substance, nothing motivational, no vision, little truth and honesty, but, It definitely was all Trump.

    2. Leave it to TOM to show up to talk about his crotch.

  11. Yes, it was definitely all Trump, all bullshit to be fed to his adoring Deplorables.

  12. RN... his speech yesterday was his campaign speech. I'm guessing no one wants Trump speech writer on his resume.

    Did you notice that his celebration cake was almost an exact copy of the one Chef Duff created in 2012 for Pres Obama? Seriously, they GOP and the Trump transition team ripped off a cake design.

    But let me say this... as clear as possible. Protest is good. But the violence yesterday was disgusting and does nothing to further any cause. The Trump protestors, while maybe feeling good about what they were doing, harmed the people doing the real work.

  13. I agree Dave. Peaceful organized resistance and peaceful organized protest (one in the same really) is good. Violent protest is always destructive and as you say is damaging to the cause.

    I see where work has already started to make the case for impeachment. It didn't take long and Trump, apparently believing in his own invincibility, blunders along. We live in interesting times indeed.

  14. Les... there will be no impeachment in GOPLandia unless and until the regular GOP troops realize that Trump may negatively impact their reelection chances. then and only then will we see them move.

    Besides, on what basis do we see his impeachment?

    Nepotism has been swatted away legally by Dem Justice Dept lawyers... based on the law. Conflict of interest? Same deal. The Pres legally has no conflict of interest.

    He's going to have to break a real law for that to happen... you know, like swap arms for hostages. Oh wait, that happened and the GOP looked the other way then.

    It looks like unless he grabs Mike Pence's wife junk, he's in the clear. And I don't see that happening. Do you?

    1. No, I don't.

      What I hope for is Trump is held to the high standards a president should be held to. If he doesn't clear the bar he is a one term President.

      The role of the free and independent press in exposing corruption and fraud in government is now more critical than ever.

    2. "... free and independent press "

      Where are you going for that now, RN?

    3. Breitbart and FOX News are two that certainly DON'T come to mind. There are others.

  15. If I understood correctly, Trump's communication director Spicer hates the idea of a free press, and Kelly Ann Conway elaborated that it is because the press reports the truth rather than the new administration's
    alternate truth. We are instructed to ignore all the empty bleachers at the inauguration and accept that it
    was the yuuuugest attendance in alternate history. Is that Orwell nodding?

  16. Trump wants you to believe what he says, not what your eyes tell you.

  17. Yes. Orwell is nodding.

    Like Obama alluded to, Trump supporters played themselves.

  18. Now I know how Gregor Samsa must have felt ... only in reverse. On Friday, January 20, 2017, at approximately noon, I saw my country turn into a nation of dung beetles. There are no more human voices left, just clicking sounds.

    1. Gregor Samsa isn't a character in "Game of Throne", for TOM and also any readers in Chattanooga.

  19. My post for today so you don't have to steal it SCUMBAG:

    Networks Get Real
    It was MSNBC that got Trump off to a good start at the beginning of the primaries. They gave Trump more air time than any other candidate. They would show Trump's full speeches but only show short clips of Clinton and hardly any of Sanders. This went on for months and MSNBC gave Trump 10 times the air time than FOX gave Trump.
    Worse, MSNBC would not even call Trump a liar when he clearly lied. Apparently it was left up to the people to decide if Trump was lying, or not. That's horrible journalism. The public counts on reporters to tell us the true facts so we know who is lying, or who is not. Highlighting lies is not biased reporting. MSNBC would cancel their prime time shows just to get the ratings that went with airing Trump. That's when I gave up watching MSNBC, they were more interested in ratings than good reporting.
    Then we had Wallace of FOX news say, it was not his job to discern the truth of the answers he got when asking the candidates questions. His father would be appalled. We report, you decide does not mean reporting lies that were proven lies. The whole media were nothing but ratings whores during the primaries and the election. Americans are easily swayed and all that extra air time on all the networks probably had as much to do with Trump winning, than anything else. I was disgusted by all the networks biased coverage of Trump.
    So I was pleasantly surprised today when I got up to watch the Sunday news programs (FOX, MSNBC, and CBS) to see all the networks calling Trump a liar and putting it to the Trump spokespeople who were interviewed. The Trump spokespeople looked bad trying to evade the factual charges that Trump lied multiple times the day before.
    Mr. Spicer (Trumps press spokesman) called an impromptu press conference and came out to blast the press about saying the public turnout for Trump's inauguration was much less than the turnout for Obama's inauguration. Mr. Spicer said, the public turnout for Trump's inauguration was the largest in history, period. A claim easily proven a lie. The pettiness of making that a big deal by the Trump administration, is typical, egotistical Trump.
    Then there was Trump giving a speech at the CIA offices saying the CIA were his buddies, they are the greatest, he had their backs. After saying just a few days before that the intelligence community was like the Nazis. If the media had taken this tact with Trump during the primaries, I doubt Trump would have won.
    Only Dervish is a worse liar than Trump. He still claims I'm pro Trump, laughable. Dervish will steal this post and post it under one of his many alter egos. He usually posts as TOM, then of course, lies and claims I'm TOM.

  20. Les, I wasn't aware that TOM was going to attempt to be a guest host on your site, using another name.

  21. Of course, Luke provides no backup (references) for his claims. Most likely that is because he bent over and pulled them out of his ass.

  22. He doesn't have to bend over to find his ass, Jerry. He can easily see it in the mirror.

  23. I heard Pat Buchanan praising Strump on WBUR today. I always hated Buchanan's brand of conservatism... now more than ever.

  24. Replies
    1. I proudly bow, TOM. I'd rather be one than be one of your Deplorables.


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