13th - Trailer and Addendum

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If you have not seen the Netflix documentary Thirteenth you should.

Maybe President Elect Trump will find time to correct the injustice.?

Wait. I guess not.

Until such time as America faces the complete truth of its past and truly corrects the systemic injustices we can expect more, rather than less division.


  1. Trump correct the injustice? You're obviously being sarcastic. He will add to the injustice.

  2. Replies
    1. You won't be disappointed. Disgusted probably, but not disappointed that you watched it.

      The group that will be highly pissed off are white supremacists, many conservatives, many republicans, law and order zombies, and Trumpanzees. If they even bother to watch it. You know, folks like the ones that gather at WYD and other wingnut weblogs of the rifgt and alt-right.

    2. I stopped looking a WYD long ago. I like fiction. I like fantasy. I draw the line at stupidity.

  3. Jerry... I hear ya... there's no serious discussion. Just insults, false facts and porn...

  4. Trying to have an intelligent discussion at most of those sites is impossible. I shouldn't bother visiting or commenting there (WYD) either. But it has been a wee bit of fun pissing a few of them off (most likely sock puppets) from time to time.

  5. RN... I wonder how many different people actually post there. Some days it all looks like the same person and then others, it comes with a little variety.

    Sadly, most of the commenting has nothing to do with the post.

    I'm gonna look up those movies...

    1. FreeThinke, Rusty, Radical Redneck, Political Chic, Thersites, Mister Know It All, In My Opinion, TOM/Luke (one in the same), and of course Lisa are the 9 people I'm pretty sure are real individuals. As for the rest, who knows. hey may or may not be mere sock puppets of the foregoing 9.

      I think you will agree, after watching the documentary, there is much truth presented therein.

  6. I look forward to watching this as well. Thanks for posting it.

    1. Your very welcome. It is a documentary with some obvious bias, but, the overall accuracy cannot be denied.


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