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As we look to Independence Day 2016 a look back at one of the most inspiring leaders of the last six decades.


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  2. Thanks for stopping by Tom. Your completely incoherent babble has been duly noted and posted. As soon as an equally incoherent thought enters my mind, which is very likely never going to happen, I'll surely respond to your incoherent babble.

    Again, thanks for stopping by, and, do have a Super Duper Fourth of July!

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  4. Why thank you for that Tom. I encourage you to continue to expose your ignorance, lack of self control, and lack of self self respect. However, you will be doing it elsewhere as you will not be allowed to comment on this weblog again.

    Do have a great 4th, and I suggest you seek out anger management training.

    Buh Bye!

  5. TOM, Tom, Radical Redneck, and Rusty Shackleford: When I read those names on blogs, this description from Hobbes immediately comes to mind: "...solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short."

    But today, Tom's comment above is especially incoherent. What's a "Provayer?" If a Provayer exists, can an Antivayer be far behind?

    This word jumble is an excellent example of Tom's gibberish:

    "...the echo of the Progressive Wicked Witch of Boston"! visiting us which is nothing less than a blatant bastards obsvstion of collusion"

    Can "Tom" tell us: How does RN "visit" his own blog? And what is an "obsvstion of collusion?" Is it the name of an ancient Roman rock band?

    The "Progressive's virgin" is intriguing. Is there one in particular that Tom is invoking? And did she by any chance bring forth a child in a manger somewhere in the Middle East? Just wondering.

    And finally, from Tom: "Either way, we can just kiss any chance of inditment's goodby."

    Actually, Tom, it appears that the only thing that has been kissed good-bye is the letter "c."

    You have a sparkling 4th, Tom. And a bit of advice: Check out how to use an apostrophe. It will be quite liberating.

  6. Thank you, RN. I recall asking if you might ever do a post on JFK. You have done honor to this important heritage.

  7. I always found JFK to be inspiring. He was a glowing example of what principled leadership looks like IMO.

    I have often thought about what America might look like had he lived and served two terms.

  8. RN... that's one of the great parlor games... would RFK had become president? And what of Ted? Maybe with his brothers around, Chappaquiddick never happens.

    Certainly a modern day tragedy for the US...

    Enjoy the fourth and have a great craft beer to celebrate...

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