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Sarah Palin assailed fellow Republicans on Friday for failing to support Donald Trump as their party's presumptive nominee, suggesting that they feel "threatened." Her message: You're either with us or you're against us. "That gang, they call themselves Never hashtag, whatever, I just call ‘em Republicans Against Trump, or RAT for short," the former governor of Alaska told attendees of the Western Conservative Summit in Denver, ahead of Trump's address.
RAT, or Republicans Against Trump. Must be the smart republicans. They should wear that intended smear with great honor methinks.
"This isn't a game, nor some drama to be played out on the convention stage. No, they're playing with dynamite and arming those opposed to the planks in the platform on which Lincoln and Reagan stood," she said of Republicans opposed to Trump. "We're talking about the direction of our country, our children's future, the direction of the Supreme Court, all of this hinging on the next election. And at such a time as this, you cannot be lukewarm. We're going to take our country back, and you are either with us or against us."
The planks on which Lincoln and Reagan stood? It is more likely that the present day republican agenda is one Lincoln and Reagan would have ran from at lightning speed. But ya gotta give Palin credit, she has a way with hyperbole and sophistry.
"Thinking Americans thought and watched Donald Trump rip the veil off a rigged system that has betrayed your everyday, hard-workin’, garden-variety, ticked-off American. And there are more of us than the disconnected left can ever even fathom," Palin remarked.
Well, okay, a very good try. But no soap for the hard-thinking, garden variety, ticked off fiscal conservative.
Even with the GOP's intraparty squabbles, Palin said, she is "glad the tent is growing, with people understanding you know, these common-sense, time-tested principles and truths that will make America great again. We’ll apply those." "We just needed that revolutionary who’s in the right position to lead us to that," Palin said of Trump.
One thing is abundantly clear, Trump and Palin's hot air tent is surely growing. Each and every time either opens their mouth. Trump a revolutionary? LMAO. Dreams of 1776 apparently flit through Sara's head nightly. What is most amazing is she makes the leap that Trump is somehow like the founders of this Great Nation. But it is Sarah, and, as I previously, she is good with hyperbole and sophistry. Full article BELOW THE FOLD.


  1. Could we ask for anything greater than a Trump - Palin ticket? Can you even imagine the quotes that would come out of those two orifices?

  2. Palin was right these guys are playing with dynamite, but they have been for a long time now. Palin is some dynamite who happened to explode in a fizzle. Trump could really go boom.

    Trump is the direct product of today's American conservatism. Many of the Republican pols and pundits who are opposed to Trump, they helped create him. Every time some idiot asks, "What about Benghazi?," every time some moron says, "You know, Obama wasn't even born in the country," every time someone clicks on the FOX News and thinks, "Hey, these guys are'a sayin' exactly what I'm'a thinkin'!," the chances of this country becoming one historically big joke increases.


  3. Well Jerry, we would be continually entertained that's for sure. But it would be another sad for our country don't you think? I mean if a ticket like that were to actually be elected.

  4. Trump is the direct result of conservatism run amuck that's for sure.

    Truth no longer matters to the Trump voters. Only winning does. Winning and taking the country back to their nostalgic "good old days".

  5. Trump's VP vetting team, which is mostly his close family, will either pick Bristol Palin or the Jenner
    Formerly Known As Bruce. ..I think, after careful study. :)


  6. Palin: "We're going to take our country back, and you are either with us or against us."

    What she's really saying in that comment is that she and her followers want to take the country back from the majority of Americans who voted twice for Barack Obama. They were burned twice and they want to get even, especially Palin, for being humiliated by the American people who rejected her and her goofball antics. She'll be humiliated again when this country rejects her support of Trump and his fake conservatism.

  7. It really is hard, and getting harder, to take Trump and the GOP seriously BB Idaho. Could mean bad news for down ticket candidates.

    This country needs a viable opposition party (or two) to balance the democtatic party and keep it honest. Hopefully the GOP will take a real beating in 2016 because of Trump and as a result look at itself, its agenda, restructure, and reform itself.

    Not holding my breath.

  8. The ... you are either with us or against us. is the thrust of the GOP and Trump. To divide Americans and drive wedges rather than build bridges that span ideological differences and strengthens America around common core values.

    Hopefully more and more folks sitting on, or near the fence, will grow to realize this and as a result Trump and whoever his VP pick is will take a real shellacking in November.

  9. "You are either with us or against us" is nothing new to the Republican Party. It has been their mantra for the last few decades.

  10. Let's give credit where credit is due... as I remember, it was GWB who said to other nations after 9/11 that they were either "for us, or against us" and as such, supporting terrorism. There was, and continues to be no belief that you could have the same goal, but believe there is a better way to achieve that goal.

    For the extremists, you can't have a solution that solves the puzzle if it contradicts how they feel it should be done. That's why conservatives stood against the Chrysler bailouts of the 70's. They weren't afraid they would not work... on the contrary, they knew they would. But then they felt we would see more bailouts in the future and this stood in contradiction to their view of how things should work.

    So they opposed them. Even though they did not want the automaker to go under. Ideology, in a sense, trumped, common sense.

  11. A most apt comparison with present conservatives Dave. Although the conservatives of the 70's weren't as extreme y's as today IMO.


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