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Donald Trump, in his first significant decision as GOP presumptive nominee, officially announced Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his running mate. For Trump it is a good political decision. Pence, with a decade experience as a congressman, understands the workings of congress, something Trump actually has little if any knowledge of. Pence's executive experience as governor with be helpful as Trump has little executive experience other than reality show host and marketing the Trump brand. Pence, a born again Christian is sure to lock in the Evangelical base for Trump. Finally, Pence, a respected conservative will be helpful in calming the jitters of many conservatives that have expressed concern over Trump's unorthodox campaign antics. A real grand slam for Trump one could say.

What is puzzling is why Pence would want to align himself with the most divisive demagogue in American political history since disgraced Senator Joseph McCarthy. Could it be the overwhelming lure of possible political power? One has to wonder given 2016 could very well turn out like 2008.

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  1. Trump solidifies his reputation as a showman with a reprise of 'The Odd Couple'.

  2. RN, I assume Trump needed someone more Conservative than himself, considering he's all over the board. And I assume too he did it to try and get the Evangelical vote. I don't know how well it's going to work, I guess only time will tell.
    I'm just really glad it's not Gingrich or Christie.
    This election is interesting, if nothing else.

    1. Since I won't be voting for The Drumpf his choice for VP really doesn't matter to me. But yes, should he win (shudder) I too am glad his replacement (should something happen to him) wouldn't be Newtie of Christie.

  3. But will this help Trump with the LGBT community? The GOP's platform this year is the most anti-LGBT in its history! And we all remember Pence's awful decision to criminalize gay people. Trump already had the Evangelicals, I don't see how this is any help. As we know from our history, the veep choice doesn't really do that much for the ticket. Remember what Sarah Palin did for John McCain?

    1. I believe Pence's overall demeanor may be helpful in bringing the more skeptical of the Evangelicals. The ones that ae concerned about Trump's volatility and total inexperience.

      I highly doubt the Evangelicals really care that Pence criminalized gay folks. For the Evangelicals homosexuality is an abomination as it goes against "Gods order of things".

      Pence is not Sara Palin and Trump is not McCain. Dynamics are different this year, in fact they are different than all previous presidential election. Even Ross Perot's bid was more viable than Trumps. That's MNHO anyway.

  4. Pence is at the tail end of his career. His approval ratings in Indiana are low. He shores up Trump on the right, I suppose, but not by much. He flat-out will hurt with women. He won't win over anyone outside the far right, who are too small to make a difference this year. They could turn out in their greatest percentages yet, and it wouldn't matter. Conservatism has been on the wain since the great recession. You just can't fool that many people all of the time. The country is swerving left. In this general election, when you think about it, we do not have a Republican or a Conservative or a Conservative Republican in the race for President at all. We have Trump, a brand unto himself. And Clinton, the national Democratic establishment candidate. The next closest candidate in the Presidential election this cycle is an avowed Social Democrat, like a friggin' Swede!

    Trump seems to have made a mistake, but I wonder if he had a better choice. How many maverick Republicans are even left anymore? Liberal Republicans don't even exist anymore. The Paulites and conservative independents faded faster to Trump than I would have ever imagined. Turns out they just wanted something else, and libertarianism was just something else, else. So, no necessary picks for Trump there.

    He could have picked a military guy, I suppose, or a some other non-pol entirely. But who? Who wanted to be Trump's VP?


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  6. Of the 3 losers (one with a political career that's over and 2 with political careers that are ending soon) Pence gets the rose while Gingrich an Christie are jilted.

    1. I can't really object to that. Mr. Sanders.

      Not having to waste time on the Trump campaign, Christie and Gingrich are now free to block bridges and step on churches in your town, respectively.

      (By the way, good movie review-related articles on your blog. Putting soundtracks in a prominent place needs to be done by more reviewers).


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